Indiana Jones on Adsense !!! WOW!

Ha ha ha! Just noticed! This Adsense block just came up on on my page when I viewed my blog after making the previous post... something about "Indiana Jones Hats Online"! Well, it so happens that the Indian Jones Trilogy was also among the movies I have downloaded in the last one month! Some coincidence, right!

Hey but speaking of Indiana Jones now, I have to mention about the 2nd movie in the Trilogy... "The Temple of Doom"... which was based in India! Those of you who have seen that movie will know what I am talking about. And those of you who haven't... well download it and watch it! Or, on second thoughts... maybe not! :))

But do tell me... all my Indian readers here... how many of you have ever eaten live snakes stuffed inside a dead larger snake? ... And soup with eye balls floating in it? ... And chilled monkey brain for dessert? In fact, tell me... were these things ever a part of an Indian meal in the entire history of our nation? And please, somebody also tell me... the language that the local villagers in India are shown speaking in the movie (that is if you can call that "gibberish" a language!)... is it really Hindi? Ha ha ha! That movie is hilarious!

Anyways, I also just checked... I have accumulated over $20 now in my Adsense account! Ha ha ha! By this time next year, hopefully, I will have $100 there and will hence, become eligible for receiving my very first payment from Google Adsense! Yayyyy! :))

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Neelabh said...

All the best.

Anonymous said...


Could you please read the comments to your previous entry. I was living in Alak..... in New Delhi. Working with you.

Could you mail me. Trying to get in touch with you

rahuls said...

I am the same Anonymous guy who has been tagging you.

Whats up with you. How have you been. Tried so much to get in touch with you. Are you still in Delhi?
Could you kindly email me with yor contact details....

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