Indiana Jones on Adsense !!! WOW!

Ha ha ha! Just noticed! This Adsense block just came up on on my page when I viewed my blog after making the previous post... something about "Indiana Jones Hats Online"! Well, it so happens that the Indian Jones Trilogy was also among the movies I have downloaded in the last one month! Some coincidence, right!

Hey but speaking of Indiana Jones now, I have to mention about the 2nd movie in the Trilogy... "The Temple of Doom"... which was based in India! Those of you who have seen that movie will know what I am talking about. And those of you who haven't... well download it and watch it! Or, on second thoughts... maybe not! :))

But do tell me... all my Indian readers here... how many of you have ever eaten live snakes stuffed inside a dead larger snake? ... And soup with eye balls floating in it? ... And chilled monkey brain for dessert? In fact, tell me... were these things ever a part of an Indian meal in the entire history of our nation? And please, somebody also tell me... the language that the local villagers in India are shown speaking in the movie (that is if you can call that "gibberish" a language!)... is it really Hindi? Ha ha ha! That movie is hilarious!

Anyways, I also just checked... I have accumulated over $20 now in my Adsense account! Ha ha ha! By this time next year, hopefully, I will have $100 there and will hence, become eligible for receiving my very first payment from Google Adsense! Yayyyy! :))

The Last Month... "LOST Month" ???

I have been away from the blogging world for almost a month! I told you all... I work in "fits"! Anyways, I'll just give a quick update of what all I have been up to in the last few weeks... and will then get back into my shell... where I have been hibernating!

I have downloaded a lot of English movies lately from the internet and watched them. I have spent Diwali with my sister, who came home for the festival... enjoyed the short cooking spree back then for a week! And also the short shopping spree with her! Ha ha! Wink!

I have also been trying to figure out why people like to buy stuff they can't afford? And I have also been forced to wonder repeatedly why people need to use credit cards for anything other than medical emergencies? My debit card works equally fine in most situations, and frankly speaking, do I really need to buy an expensive cell phone if I don't have that kinda money in my bank account?

I mean instead of taking a loan for 15,000 bucks today, and then paying a 10% interest on it... I'd rather wait for an year, accumulate the money in my account, also get a 3% interest on it from the bank, and THEN buy that phone! Hopefully, by then, it's price would have also gone down by a couple of thousand bucks! Ha ha ha!

But the way people use credit cards these days, it reminds me of an Archie comic I read looooooonnnng ago... this female Veronica is being given a "dose" by her dad about her excessively long credit card shopping bill... and she in turn asks her dad in total amazement "You mean we gotta pay for it?" Haaahhh! What did she think? That the piece of plastic was her very own personal genie from the magical lamp!

Well... apart from this, I have also been having weird dreams! One of them was when I sprained the thumb joint of my right hand a fortnight ago. My thumb was perfectly fine when I went to sleep. And then sometime during the night I dreamt that I was practicing writing ABCD with my left hand... and I also had this thought in my mind... IN MY DREAM!... that by using my left hand, I will activate my right brain! Next morning, my right hand was totally screwed up! I tried to use my left hand, thinking maybe the dream was really symbolic of something here... but I failed miserably at it! Duhhh!

I have had certain other revelations about my life and some of the patterns in it that I need to change. I don't want to put all that here, but I have discussed about them with a few of my friends, and I have realized that some major changes in my life are in order sometime very soon! High time! Although I haven't yet been able to pin-point exactly what changes I'll be making, I do have a general idea in mind. Very soon... I'm all set for it!

That's it for today folks... time for some retrospection and introspection again... adieu...