Lizard Lips

That's the name of my new profile on orkut. Oh yeah... forgot to tell you guys... I deleted the old one last month because of some stupid reasons which I don't want to go into! :">

Anyways, here's the story behind the birth of "Lizard Lips"... not a very long one though!

The other day I was conferencing on yahoo with 2 of my very close friends... and we were talking about this and that and many more things... and we were throwing insults at one another... you know, the way only very close friends have the right to do! And then I decided to check into my MSN too for a moment... and found (to my utter dismay!) that my entire friend list was in duplicates and triplicates! Even the groups were in duplicates and all messy!

I haven't figured out why or how it happened, but I started deleting the multiple entries. And while I was doing that, I forgot that there was a chat going on too. And so those guys started calling me names like "Dead Meat", "Wet Mop", "Morbid Moron" and a "Bump on the Log" or something! Funny names! Well I seemed to take an instant liking to the name "Morbid Moron" when I returned! :D (My sister will tell anybody, who has the time to listen to her, that I am nuts and that I should have been given psychiatric treatment when I was a kid!)

Anyway, I repeated "Morbid Moron" to myself mentally... and then I spoke it out aloud... and I kinda liked the feel of my tongue rolling over those 2 words... "Morbid Moron"... and then I wondered what it would be like to come back on orkut with that name... and which pic I could put in my new profile there, to go along with my new name... and so on...

Then suddenly the conversation steered to Lizards... and I told "D" that "S" had slept with a lizard once by accident... and had woken up "enlightened" after that "experience"! [Wink! wink!] So we both got around to teasing "S" about that... and eventually he became "Lizard Lips" and "D" became the "Dancing Dog"!

And then "D"... being my twin soul that she is... got the same idea that flashed in my mind moments ago!... that we should adopt these new identities on orkut! But "S" refused to go public as "Lizard Lips"! We suggested all kinds of alternate names to him... "Lizard Licker", "Leaping Lizard", "Lizard Lipping Punk" (okay maybe the last one was a bit too much!)... but he refused to have anything to do with Lizards!

So finally, I relented... and offered to be "Lizard Lips" instead... so that he could go along with "Morbid Moron"! As it is, he definitely is a Moron... and the most Morbid one too at that!

Well, it was all settled then... and so yesterday I came back on orkut as "Lizard Lips"! I even found a cute little picture of a lizard to use on my profile! It's body is all curved... like a question mark without the dot below... which goes perfectly with my inquisitive nature and all those millions of questions I have about life and everything in it! And the little Lizzy is looking at something in front of her (probably an insect she's planning to have for dinner!) with full concentration... and is all poised and ready to attack! A perfect picture of sheer beauty and grace!

So there! As you can make out from this post... I'm a happy soul today! :D

"Morbid Moron", however, remains Morbid... and remains a Moron too! He DID NOT change his profile name on orkut! Even after the sacrifice I made for him! So I told him he should change it to "Spoil Sport" instead! Huhhhh! And today, during chat, he called me a "Geek"! Can you believe it? ME! A GEEK! Huhhhh! I told him "Thank you very much, but you can be the geek!" The "Growling Geek" in fact... 'coz he keeps sending me "Flippy-Growls" on yahoo!

But "Dancing Dog" is a sweetheart! She kept her word! By the way, I am gonna suggest to her to be the "Bewitching Bulldog" instead... 'coz she most certainly is Bewitching... being a German-American-Princess (as she never fails to inform anyone!)... and I'm sure that since she's been staying with her 3 bulldogs for so long now, she must have started looking and acting like one herself too! HA HA HA HA HA HA! What say D? ;-)


Sequel to this post here: "Lizard Lips" is now "Alien Invasion"!

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Want to Add Something?

amrit said...

Lizard Lips! :P

By the way you can change the link to my site from the old to

Welcome back after the gap!

Devi said...

LOLOLOL I enjoyed reading your post! HAHAHAH! The German American Princess is metaphor! Over here they say "Jewish American Princess" so when I was a kid my brother came up with that because it is sooooo the opposite of what I am!

Bewitching Bulldog! I love it! Be careful, you might get something in the post that has to do with a lizard!

Keep blogging! This is really good!

Saudamini said...

Ya so am ur sister and i really think ur nuts and u should go to a doctor..he he he..but its a good blog, though the word lizard itself is a s hated to me as anything in the world ever could I would have felt better if it contained anything but a lizard..yucksssss!!!!

Keep blogging...

Kaddu said...

@ Vatsap - Changed! :D

@ DD - My Dad has nicknamed u "LOLO"... 'coz of ur chain "LOL"s! (LOLOLOL!)

@ Sis - Yucksss to u! Btw, u started blogging too? Or just created an empty profile at blogger to send me comments? ;-)
He he he!

Shreesh said...

grrr ..i was the one who these two ..D AND K wanted me to be lizard lips ..however i hated the name and i really struk to what i like ..however i did become morbidous monorous ..instead of morbid moron ..coz i felt it would be stylish ..someting which will remaind of Harry Potter...

Neelabh said...

laziness takes one more step. I have written a blog and is still saved in the draft. Would publish it sometimes.. How are you?

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