9th Random Fact

Ok, so I was going to include this one in my previous post originally... but then I felt that just one small paragraph won't really do justice to this point! I wanted to share some real-life incidents about this one with my readers... and therefore, eventually decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it!

Well... the 9th random fact about me is... I TALK IN MY SLEEP!

He he! Yeah! I not only talk when I'm awake... I sometimes talk while I'm sleeping too! And then I very conveniently forget whatever I've talked about! I normally don't remember a single thing when I wake up! And while I'm sleep-talking to you, you will never ever be able to realize that I'm not fully awake! I mean I'm completely coherent, my words are not slurred and I make perfect sense even when I'm asleep! (Ok, maybe I don't make that much of a sense to some people when I'm awake! Ha ha!) By the way, I don't think I've done that for quite a while now... not sure about it though!

First time I realized I could do this was back in my school days. One of my classmates called me a day before an English test, for some help regarding her doubts. Now I had fallen asleep studying for the test... with the book still open in my hands. My mom came, shook me up and gave me the phone. She also kept a glass of hot milk on the table for me and went back to her work. I must have talked to my friend for a while and then gone back to sleep... 'coz when my mom came back in the room, the milk was still untouched, the phone was lying there next to me and I had my nose in the book (literally!)

She shook me up again and scolded me a bit... and complained about the milk having become cold... and then asked if I had talked to my friend or not. I said I don't remember having talked to anyone. And she was surprised 'coz she had been hearing my voice! She hadn't taken the caller's name either! So I made her describe the voice... and then we did some guess work and finally figured who it could have been. Then I called her back and explained... and she was laughing like crazy! She said I just didn't sound like I was sleeping... or she would have disconnected the line and called later! Apparently I had answered all her queries to her satisfaction! :))

And that's not all! In my BPO days, I have even taken a call from a *ghost* Dell customer once, at home, while I was sleeping!

Apparently the customer wanted to increase the virtual memory on his computer... and wanted to know how to do it. But I made him do an Msconfig instead. And then, don't remember why, but, I put him on hold (following the "Dell-Hold-Script" PERFECTLY!) Then couple of seconds later, I woke up. Just like that. And when I looked around, feeling that something was amiss, I saw my flatmate sitting nearby... with the corner of my bed sheet stuffed in her mouth! When I tried to focus on her more clearly, I realized she was all doubled up with laughter! Eventually she just broke out in a loud "HA HA HA HA HA"... and accused me of "dropping" my call without completing it! She said that by waking up, I had obviously "disconnected" the customer after having put him on hold!

I was TOTALLY clueless as to what she was saying! So finally she went ahead and narrated to me how I was taking this call... and how I had restated the problem as "increasing the virtual memory" but walked him through an "msconfig" instead... and finally put him on hold... and woke up! And she said not a word had been out of place! It had been a perfect call in all sense... except of course for the fact that I had given the wrong resolution and had dropped the customer's call! Ha ha ha! Gave me quite a reputation at work after that! :D

Well if you think that's the worst I can get... READ ON!

The same flatmate and I had shifted to a new place. It was a 1-bedroom-hall-kitchen thing. We didn't have the ceiling fans installed when we rented it. So our landlord sent in a technician to fix the fans that day. But the person got delayed somewhere and so was able to setup the fan in just the hall that evening. Now we had just one mattress on the floor in the hall... and 2 in the bedroom that we shared between us. And it so happened that both of us had our weekly off that night. So we were both going to be home. I hadn't slept a moment since my previous shift ended late that morning. So I decided to take a brief nap while Sanchita took care of some errands and made dinner for us. And that nap turned out to be a full-fledged sleep eventually, 'coz she didn't have the heart to wake me up.

Finally at about 11ish in the night or so, she woke me up, only so I would eat something. I sat right up... scolded her for not waking me up earlier and doing everything on her own (!!!)... had dinner... chatted with her... we listened to the radio... (some stupid play apparently!)... then exchanged comments on it... washed the utensils... and then she suggested I should go back to sleep in the hall, where I had been sleeping, and that she'd sleep without the fan for one more day. But I refused to let her play "martyr"! So we dragged another mattress from the bedroom to the hall... put some sheets over it... and finally slept!

In the morning when I woke up... as usual I didn't remember any of it! So when I saw the bedroom mattress in the hall, I asked her how she managed to move that heavy mattress all by herself... or whether Tony (her friend) had visited while I was asleep! And then she realized that I had been sleeping all along! That I had never really completely woken up! But she just couldn't believe it! Even I couldn't... to be very honest with you! I mean, talking in sleep is one thing... but eating, dragging mattresses, washing utensils and having a perfectly logical and sensible discussion about a radio-play...! TOO MUCH!

PHEWWWWWWW! Thankfully I haven't done this kinda thing for years now!

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Nikita said...

that's REALLY some talent u got there. i'm truly amazed :P

Kaddu said...

Sleep deprivation is know to cause madness in people! :-D

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