In Fond Memory of My "First Love"

19th July, 2007:
Little did I realize when I woke up yesterday morning, that the day was going to be a bringer of such bad tidings! This ill-fated day marked a terrible loss and insurmountable grief for me. "My First Love" took the first of his last few remaining breaths in this world! I did all I could to save him, but... alas! :-(

This post is a tribute to the 6-year long relationship I shared with him… 6 complete years of love and agony; of happiness and misery; of support and belief… I could just go on and on!

He came into my life at the end of July 2001… and since then, he’s been my best friend, my pillar of support, the source of all information I could ever seek! He’s been a “teacher”, a “dictionary”, an “encyclopedia”, a “medical journal”…!

He’s been my Single-Point-Of-Contact with the entire world! He’s helped me meet new friends and business contacts! He’s found jobs for me… and been my Personal Assistant! He’s taken care of all my assorted collections… of movies, songs, pictures… everything!

He was my voice… gave me a platform to express my views and feelings. I have shared all my fears with him, all my “heartbreaks” and all my little dreams and fantasies! No one else in the world knows me as well as he does!

He sang to cheer me up when I was feeling low. He played cards with me when nobody else in the world had time for me. He believed in me when nobody else did. He stood by me when all else had left. He was there with me… FOR me… even when the whole world had forgotten about me!

He strived unerringly and un-falteringly for completing every little whim of mine! I would wake him up at 7 in the morning and would not let him sleep till one at night… sometimes even throughout the night… and yet, he never complained!

He never refused me for anything; never doubted my integrity or questioned my love for him! He always had complete faith in me and my capabilities… even on occasions when I lost faith in myself!

I have lived with him day-in and day-out… as roommates… for years now! I ate with him, drank with him, and even spilled some on him! Spent many a long nights pouring out all my woes to him, while he tried to lift my mood by distracting me with all kinds of silly games!

So very often, I had to leave him and go off on my own, in search of “greener pastures anew”… yet, he would always stay behind and wait patiently for my return… and would always welcome me back with an open heart!

Now that he’s about to leave this world, I realize that I would have nothing left of him but memories… of all the times spent with him… of all those laughs and tears and thrills…! I will miss him always and love him always….

Kads… in mourning… till I get a new “Computer”!

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Want to Add Something?

amrit said...

Try getting a notebook this time. I call mine Dellruba :P

Neelabh said...

happy Buying.

PS:- Go for a dell or lenovo.

Kaddu said...

Ummmm no lappy... I'm a loyal fan of desktops only! :D

Ramya Rao said...

Get a Mac. Huge investment but that would be your one and only love.😋

Chicky Kadambari said...

Really Ramya? :D "The Last Love Affair"? :p

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