Corruption in India

Had been fretting over my Dad's Income Tax Refund lately, for which he has been waiting for the last 3 years! We are about to file the Returns for one more year now... July 31st being the last day to do so... and we still haven't got the Refunds due for the last 3 years! Somehow, those people in the IT Department keep losing our files... and we have already submitted the copies of the original documents two times! Carelessness at its best... or is it something else?

Recently my Dad also had to renew his Car/Scooter Registration. The vehicles were originally registered in Kanpur and we were required to transfer the registration to Patna, since we stay at Patna now. Had to pay about 50% of the "official" charges as "bribe"... over and above the "official" charges!

Everywhere you go, it is the same old story... you gotta "pass-the-bucks" if you wanna get your work done in any government department here! You wanna apply for a passport... you have to throw money to get the police to "verify" your papers... even if everything is already in place! Some bureaucracy we have here!

So there I was... pestering my Dad with the "Why", "How" and "Where from" of corruption! I mean I am his daughter, right? So that fact alone gives me the right to ask him questions... related to anything and everything under the sun! And there he was... answering my questions as best as he could... something that he has been doing for the last 29 years now! Ha ha!

And then... after putting my father through several minutes of unadulterated torture (!!!)... I finally got "enlightenment"!

It so happens that there are something like 56 lakh Gods and Goddesses (exact figure not known!) according to the Hindu Mythology! There is one deity for "Knowledge", one for "Wealth", one for "Prosperity", one for "Removing Obstacles", one for "Justice"... and the list goes on! So basically, there is a complete "Division of labour" amongst our Gods too!

And guess what... our religion here says (as taught by the "pandits" in the temples at least!) that we have to make "offerings" to the respective God/Goddess depending upon the nature, immensity and urgency of our "wish", to get it fulfilled!

In other words, if we are praying for a job that pays 50 grand a month, we'd have a very bright chance of success if we promise something like say 5 grand to the Gods... as proclaimed by the religious preachers! AND the more Gods and Goddesses we keep happy... by giving offerings... the more blessings we receive to get our wishes fulfilled!

So there... now you understand where does this corruption stem from in India? If our Gods/Goddesses themselves need to be bribed for answering our prayers, then why should these government officials be any different? Haahhhh!

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Neelabh said...

Now the 'offering' is embedded in the 'system'. You have to enlight everybody if you want to curb this.


Kaddu said...

Hmmm... u r right God...
Wonder if thr was any way to do a complete "format-reinstall" of this "system" as well!

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