Kidney Infection - A Blessing in Disguise!

Ok so I am down with Kidney/Urine infection these days! And being a part of such a "hate-doctors" family, it took me almost a week to finally come to terms with the fact that I need to bend the rules slightly this time and seek medical help! Convincing my dad to do the same took another couple of days after that though!

So here I am now... with a terrible lower-backache, that seems to spread right down to my toes like fire, mild fever and an infuriating bladder that makes me run to the bathroom 'N' number of times in a day! Fortunately, the spells of nausea aren't so severe anymore, thanks to the loving Reiki sent to me by my Reiki Teacher and my younger sister!

So, you might be wondering perhaps that how can I call this kind of misery and suffering a "blessing", right? Ha ha! I knew this would catch you! :D

Well, having this infection has given me a first-hand experience of what people with Kidney infection have to go through, so that if I ever come across such a patient in my life, I'd be better able to sympathize with him and comfort him. For instance, my sister-in-law just called me and I was surprised that I didn't have to explain to her one bit about how rotten I was feeling! She knew all the symptoms... and she advised me to drink lots of water! Felt great!

Having this infection has also given a renewed boost to my faith in humanity and the belief that "people are good" and that "the world is a helpful and loving place"! My Reiki Teacher has his Semester Exams starting 4 days hence (he's doing B.Tech.)... and he still manages to find time to send me healing! Perhaps that's the reason it is said that "Respect those friends who find time for you in their timetables, but LOVE those who DON'T CONSULT their timetables at all when you NEED them!"

Most importantly, having this infection has also helped strengthen my bond with my father! With only the two of us in the house-hold, and the "queen of the house" (that's me, obviously!) unable to stand on her feet for more than 2 minutes at a stretch, all the cooking and house-hold chores had to be taken care of by him! He made lunch and dinner yesterday, for the both of us, all by himself... and helped me with the meals today also. Not to mention putting up with my incessant groans and mindless ramblings! Makes me realize once again, the innumerable little sacrifices my parents must have made to get me where I am right now...

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Sparx said...

Ah - my other half has just had one of these, pain pain pain, well done for being so positive!

Thanks for the comment on the blog - glad you enjoyed it. I've started reading backwards on yours now!

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