Career ?!?!

Friend: i am really interested in setting up my career
Me: hey tell me
Me: why do we all want to setup our careers
Me: why do we all plan to just stick to doing one thing thruout the rest of our lives
Me: why do we make lives so boring for ourselves
Me: wudnt it be more fun to keep changing jobs every so often
Me: not just jobs infact
Me: but the entire line of work
Me: so we get to learn so many diff diff things
Friend: how do you say career is sticking to doing one thing throughout the rest of our lives?
Me: well
Me: thts wht it means doesnt it
Me: u study to become a doctor
Me: n then u remain a doc thruout ur life
Me: career is like so binding
Me: its like saying...
Me: hey im a s/w engg
Me: means all my life thts only wht i will be doing
Me: n i will never probably get time to try out anything else!
Me: if anyone asks me...
Me: i say "im not career minded"
Me: ambitious yes
Me: but career minded no
Me: i like to be creative
Me: n flexible
Me: n i want to do this n tht n everything
Friend: but we need to be career minded kads,
Friend: some time or the other we need to be
Friend: suppose u r the breadwinner of ur family and if the family depends on you
Friend: well that time we cannot be switching one job to the other
Me: so mebbe we need to hv sum kinda financial stability n security
Friend: yup
Friend: and that is why career is imp
Me: well... mebbe i just hv a prb with the phrase... "setting up ur career"
Me: i mean ppl just get so involved in "setting up" their career
Me: tht they simply forget abt everything else in life
Friend: no not really.....i think initially companies might squeeze ppl out but once u got the experience
Friend: life wouldnt be really 9-5 always
Me: yeah
Me: once u reach higher position
Me: it becomes like 7-1
Me: 7 am to 1 am
Friend: :))
Me: but we cant do anything abt it
Me: coz we hv to "setup our career"
Friend: well, dont go for promotions then
Friend: just put years of exp under ur belt thats all
Me: exactly
Me: but then it just becomes work
Me: it doesnt remain a career
Me: career is sth u build upon right
Me: u keep on building to it
Friend: yup
Friend: yup
Me: attaining newer heights
Me: within the same field though
Friend: heights have its problems though
Me: if u switch field
Me: they say
Me: u hv to start ur career from scratch again
Me: why is tht considered such a sin
Me: why is career so important anyways
Me: why cant ppl just remain happy to work
Me: n to earn as much as they need
Friend: i see this way - in reality money is playing the larger role in all this
Friend: career and all is all nice terms to use with
Friend: but in reality
Friend: ppl want money
Me: i mean... look at me
Me: im financially more secure than i cud probably ever need to spend
Me: i hv plenty of time to spend with my family
Me: to look after my home
Me: n to do everything else tht i might wish to do
Me: so why is career important then
Me: how does it matter if im not interested in climbing a corporate hierarchy?
Me: why is career always related to "keep climbing"
Me: if u continue to stay at the same position in a firm for say like 3 years straight,....
Me: they say u r not serious abt ur career
Friend: yeah ppl say that kads
Friend: but believe is all upto where u find happiness
Me: yeah
Me: thts the trouble with the world
Me: not many ppl today know wht makes them really happy
Me: n so we end up chasing all the wrong things in our life
Friend: if you have enough money to take care of your family and u find satisfaction @ work - U are good to go
Friend: climbing all the time - where does it lead to....what does it lead to?
Me: leads to loneliness
Me: the top of the mountain is always a lonely spot
Friend: yup and u would still be unsatisfied because u would be eyeing other higher peaks out there
Me: exactly
Me: n when u hv climbed the highest peak...
Me: u'll be even unhappier
Me: coz u wudnt hv any other mountains to climb
Friend: well, this is something close to what I was discussing with my mom the other day
Me: oh mannnnn!
Me: i hv become old
Friend: :))
Me: but plz dont start calling me mommy yaar
Me: :(
Friend: no granny
Friend: :))

Friend [Quotes from Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda]: Babaji told Lahiri Mahasaya - "the office was made for man, the man was not made for the office"

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Lotstodo said...

Miss Miss_teerious,

I think you are putting together a Career and a Profession in the same bracket. These are 2 different things :-) . A profession you like can give you enough scope to find it interesting throughout your life, and still do all the other things you want to do. A career may not Always have to do with going up the ladder with more money :-)). My two cents :-)

Kaddu said...

No actually I'm more confused between a Career & a Job! What exactly is a career anyway? Why is homebased freelance writing considered just a job and not a career, whereas writing for a newspaper is considered a career? I AM confused !!! :-/

himanshu said...

All I can think of writing right now is that i absolutely agree with the 'me' here....

I mean think about this... have u ever heard anyone have a career out of blogging?

any takers?

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