Career ?!?!

Friend: i am really interested in setting up my career
Me: hey tell me
Me: why do we all want to setup our careers
Me: why do we all plan to just stick to doing one thing thruout the rest of our lives
Me: why do we make lives so boring for ourselves
Me: wudnt it be more fun to keep changing jobs every so often
Me: not just jobs infact
Me: but the entire line of work
Me: so we get to learn so many diff diff things
Friend: how do you say career is sticking to doing one thing throughout the rest of our lives?
Me: well
Me: thts wht it means doesnt it
Me: u study to become a doctor
Me: n then u remain a doc thruout ur life
Me: career is like so binding
Me: its like saying...
Me: hey im a s/w engg
Me: means all my life thts only wht i will be doing
Me: n i will never probably get time to try out anything else!
Me: if anyone asks me...
Me: i say "im not career minded"
Me: ambitious yes
Me: but career minded no
Me: i like to be creative
Me: n flexible
Me: n i want to do this n tht n everything
Friend: but we need to be career minded kads,
Friend: some time or the other we need to be
Friend: suppose u r the breadwinner of ur family and if the family depends on you
Friend: well that time we cannot be switching one job to the other
Me: so mebbe we need to hv sum kinda financial stability n security
Friend: yup
Friend: and that is why career is imp
Me: well... mebbe i just hv a prb with the phrase... "setting up ur career"
Me: i mean ppl just get so involved in "setting up" their career
Me: tht they simply forget abt everything else in life
Friend: no not really.....i think initially companies might squeeze ppl out but once u got the experience
Friend: life wouldnt be really 9-5 always
Me: yeah
Me: once u reach higher position
Me: it becomes like 7-1
Me: 7 am to 1 am
Friend: :))
Me: but we cant do anything abt it
Me: coz we hv to "setup our career"
Friend: well, dont go for promotions then
Friend: just put years of exp under ur belt thats all
Me: exactly
Me: but then it just becomes work
Me: it doesnt remain a career
Me: career is sth u build upon right
Me: u keep on building to it
Friend: yup
Friend: yup
Me: attaining newer heights
Me: within the same field though
Friend: heights have its problems though
Me: if u switch field
Me: they say
Me: u hv to start ur career from scratch again
Me: why is tht considered such a sin
Me: why is career so important anyways
Me: why cant ppl just remain happy to work
Me: n to earn as much as they need
Friend: i see this way - in reality money is playing the larger role in all this
Friend: career and all is all nice terms to use with
Friend: but in reality
Friend: ppl want money
Me: i mean... look at me
Me: im financially more secure than i cud probably ever need to spend
Me: i hv plenty of time to spend with my family
Me: to look after my home
Me: n to do everything else tht i might wish to do
Me: so why is career important then
Me: how does it matter if im not interested in climbing a corporate hierarchy?
Me: why is career always related to "keep climbing"
Me: if u continue to stay at the same position in a firm for say like 3 years straight,....
Me: they say u r not serious abt ur career
Friend: yeah ppl say that kads
Friend: but believe is all upto where u find happiness
Me: yeah
Me: thts the trouble with the world
Me: not many ppl today know wht makes them really happy
Me: n so we end up chasing all the wrong things in our life
Friend: if you have enough money to take care of your family and u find satisfaction @ work - U are good to go
Friend: climbing all the time - where does it lead to....what does it lead to?
Me: leads to loneliness
Me: the top of the mountain is always a lonely spot
Friend: yup and u would still be unsatisfied because u would be eyeing other higher peaks out there
Me: exactly
Me: n when u hv climbed the highest peak...
Me: u'll be even unhappier
Me: coz u wudnt hv any other mountains to climb
Friend: well, this is something close to what I was discussing with my mom the other day
Me: oh mannnnn!
Me: i hv become old
Friend: :))
Me: but plz dont start calling me mommy yaar
Me: :(
Friend: no granny
Friend: :))

Friend [Quotes from Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda]: Babaji told Lahiri Mahasaya - "the office was made for man, the man was not made for the office"

Matrix called "LIFE"!

A few days back, I read this article on the internet ( It explained, with the help of deep mathematical calculations, about the whole concept of yugas and mahayugas and manvantaras... in fact, the whole concept of TIME based on Hindu Scriptures, in particular the Srimad-Bhagavatam!

Now according to this article, there is apparently no beginning or end of time. The flow of time is eternal. The whole universe is nothing but an infinite cyclic chain of Creation and Dissolution. Creation: manifestation from the Absolute. Dissolution: merging back in the Absolute.

And, according to the Hindu Scriptures, Lord Brahma is supposed to be the Creator. [The Hindu "Trilogy" -- Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh -- equivalent to G.O.D. -- Generate, Operate, Destroy] So, according to this article, Lord Brahma is also apparently a manifestation of the Absolute, with a life span of 100 years, and (here's the best part!) one single day of Brahma is equal to 4.32 billion human years!

He apparently keeps creating throughout his day, like a painter busy adding colours on his canvas, and his day is divided into Manvantaras, sub-divided into mahayugas which are further sub-divided into yugas! (And we are presently in the kaliyuga of the 28th maha-yuga of the 7th manvantara of Brahma’s day!) At the end of each day when he goes to sleep, the "canvas" is apparently wiped clean and the next day he starts afresh! In other words, whatever he created during the day is merged back into the Absolute.

Now when I first read this article, I was so thoroughly shaken by it, right to the very core of my being, that I cannot even begin to explain what went on in my head! It felt like I was nothing but a mere fiction of Brahma's imagination. In fact, the whole world was nothing but a stage-play or a movie... with all of us having a certain role to play, a character assigned to us... and all we could do was play our part in the best way possible, for we did not have any control over the end! The entire "movie" was just a creation of Brahma's mind. He was the writer, director, producer, everything.

And we ignorant mortals, we actually believe that things are our doing! We get worked-up when people cheat us or hurt us. We nurse old grudges, bottle-up resentment inside us. We are consumed with guilt over the past and fear of the future. It seems like we are all racing against "time" itself... so as to create a space for ourselves in the world and mark it with a big "I". But in reality, there is no "I"! We simply don't exist! We are just playing a role assigned to us! Imagine if Julia Roberts started believing she really WAS the "Pretty Woman" or the "Runaway Bride"! What chaos!

Needless to say, I was just completely thrown off-balance that day. It suddenly dawned on me that we are apparently just living in a matrix and that this entire life really has no head or tail. It has no meaning, everything is just a thought out of Brahma's mind... and he keeps thinking, and thus manifesting, 'coz obviously, he needs to do something to pass his long day! I felt so empty and so... pointless!

Then couple of days ago, I found this other book, Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes. This is the first book assigned to me in my new role as a freelance writer for a company called MOKA. Going through this book, I realized that since I am also made out of the same Absolute as Lord Brahma, I too have the same Divine Nature or powers as Brahma. Meaning, I DO indeed have the power to create my life the way I want to, but within certain set limits, 'coz obviously my creation cannot conflict with Brahma's creation, right?

I guess this concept can be understood more clearly with the help of this example. Now I talked about this huge blank canvas Brahma starts working upon each day. So perhaps what he does is that he creates the main outline of his "story" or "movie" on the canvas... the main plot, with all the characters and the main events like the wars, the earthquakes, the tsunamis and stuff... and then he assigns each one of us a certain predefined area on the canvas to fill in the details the way we wish to.

It's like those paintings we did in school, where the teacher handed us each a small part of a huge tapestry and each kid was allowed to fill in the colors in his section in whatever way he wanted to! Or those English compositions where we were given the outline of a story and were told to narrate a plot around it in say 2500 words. Or it can even be compared to the big agricultural lands which are divided into smaller plots and leased out to farmers, so that they can grow whatever they wish to on their plot, or can even choose to leave it totally uncultivated!

In other words, we all have been given a life span of say 80-90 years on lease, our own bit of canvas, our own plot of land. And Lord Brahma has put in the pillars and columns in place which can't be disturbed. However, we are free to create around those pillars in any way we choose to. We can fill in our space with prosperity or poverty, with love or hatred, success or failures, wealth or misery, health or disease! We can make it as colorful as we like, or as dull and boring as we like. We are free to choose the kind of relationships we want in our life, the experiences we want to have.

In fact, whatever we think is manifested on the canvas of our life, just as whatever Brahma thinks is manifested in the Universe. We create the world around us with our thoughts. We create our problems, we create their solutions. We create our sorrows, we create our joys. We create abundance, we create scarcity. Bottomline: We are not mere actors playing a role, we are "Co-creators" with Brahma, with God, with that which is the Absolute.

Kidney Infection - A Blessing in Disguise!

Ok so I am down with Kidney/Urine infection these days! And being a part of such a "hate-doctors" family, it took me almost a week to finally come to terms with the fact that I need to bend the rules slightly this time and seek medical help! Convincing my dad to do the same took another couple of days after that though!

So here I am now... with a terrible lower-backache, that seems to spread right down to my toes like fire, mild fever and an infuriating bladder that makes me run to the bathroom 'N' number of times in a day! Fortunately, the spells of nausea aren't so severe anymore, thanks to the loving Reiki sent to me by my Reiki Teacher and my younger sister!

So, you might be wondering perhaps that how can I call this kind of misery and suffering a "blessing", right? Ha ha! I knew this would catch you! :D

Well, having this infection has given me a first-hand experience of what people with Kidney infection have to go through, so that if I ever come across such a patient in my life, I'd be better able to sympathize with him and comfort him. For instance, my sister-in-law just called me and I was surprised that I didn't have to explain to her one bit about how rotten I was feeling! She knew all the symptoms... and she advised me to drink lots of water! Felt great!

Having this infection has also given a renewed boost to my faith in humanity and the belief that "people are good" and that "the world is a helpful and loving place"! My Reiki Teacher has his Semester Exams starting 4 days hence (he's doing B.Tech.)... and he still manages to find time to send me healing! Perhaps that's the reason it is said that "Respect those friends who find time for you in their timetables, but LOVE those who DON'T CONSULT their timetables at all when you NEED them!"

Most importantly, having this infection has also helped strengthen my bond with my father! With only the two of us in the house-hold, and the "queen of the house" (that's me, obviously!) unable to stand on her feet for more than 2 minutes at a stretch, all the cooking and house-hold chores had to be taken care of by him! He made lunch and dinner yesterday, for the both of us, all by himself... and helped me with the meals today also. Not to mention putting up with my incessant groans and mindless ramblings! Makes me realize once again, the innumerable little sacrifices my parents must have made to get me where I am right now...