हिंदी में ब्लौग लिखने का मेरा पहला प्रयत्न

अभी अभी मैंने अपने एक दोस्त का ब्लौग देखा जिसमें उसने हाल ही में एक हिंदी कविता डाली है... हिंदी में ही लिख के! तो मैंने सोचा क्यों ना मैं भी ढ़ूंड के देखूं कि ये हिंदी ब्लौग कैसे और कहॉ से आता है... आख़िरकार ढ़ूंड ही लिया!

ओ कददू पुत्तर! तुस्सी ग्रेट हो!

Reiki gives a New Life to "My Baby" !

Sorry to cut in like this between such a serious topic going on "Religion, GOD and Spirituality"... but I just couldn't wait any more to share my excitement! :D

I have used Reiki for so many different purposes since I learnt it about 10 years ago, but each time I'm equally astounded by the results I get from it! So far, I have applied Reiki on physical, mental and emotional ailments of human beings; food, drinks, intents, situations, my dad's car, our refrigerator, even furniture! But this time I decided to use Reiki to save "My Baby"!

"My Baby", a teensy-weensy banana shoot, came into our family about 7 years ago, when we had just shifted to Patna from Kanpur. It grew up in our family, had its own baby after a couple of years, which we gave to my aunt. My folks then shifted to Noida and thanks to the "little fighter" in my sis, who wouldn't let the truck move without the plant, they had to bring it along with the rest of our stuff to Noida! (Of course my Dad's scooter did suffer a few dents 'coz of the pot! Hey, but that's a different story!)

Anyways, after spending about a year in Noida, my family shifted back to Patna... and this time our packer didn't even bother to argue about the merits/demerits of taking the potted plant along in the truck. He had realized he was fighting a lost case! So "my baby" came back with us to Patna, stayed for a few months at my grandma's place until we shifted to our flat in February 2005.

Each time it traveled, the plant had to stay without water for 3 days at a stretch. Suffered major bruises and "broken bones"... but some fighter I have here... it got back up on its feet (or roots, or whatever plants have!) each time.

For the last few months however, it's condition had been consistently worsening. Until finally, on the 1st of March, this is what it looked like... when I finally started giving Reiki to it. The dead leaves remained stuck on the shoot and wouldn't fall off away from the plant, to give space to the new leaves coming up in the center, to spread and grow. And so the new leaves also couldn't survive.

This pattern continued for over 1.5 months, until one day my Dad and I were standing in the balcony and looking at our dying baby with sadness. We were wondering if it would be able to make it this time or not... and I just happened to mention that it didn't look like it was going to survive this time around, UNLESS IT SPROUTED A COMPLETELY NEW SHOOT FROM THE BOTTOM.

And you won't believe this... THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THAT PLANT DID!... As if it had heard us that day, talking near it! It sprouted a completely new shoot from the bottom, which looked like this after just 2 days!

And after another 4 days, today morning, this is what it looked like! We finally removed the older shoot in the middle which was drying up anyways. :)

This time it really was a MIRACLE indeed!