Religion, GOD and Spirituality - II

Coming to GOD now... well, for me, any person or thing who/which has helped me at a time when I most needed him/it, is a manifestation of God only! My friends, who stood with me when my mom died, were God for me at that time! People who helped me get back on the path of Spiritual Growth and Self Awareness, when I was wondering about where my life was heading, were God for me at that point of time in my life! In fact, even my maid seems to be like God in disguise to me, when she comes in at JUST the right time to lend me a helping hand in coping with a house full of guests!

God, for me, is the Supreme Energy, my Higher-Self or the Divine Consciousness. He is the Light that shines on all beings. However, just like we can't see light by itself, similarly we can't see God in his formless existence. But the way we see the objects that the light falls upon and gets reflected from, same way we see manifestations of God in different forms; we see different reflections of this Divine Light called GOD!

So often it happens that I am desperately searching for some answers - about anything and everything, about myself, about my very existence, about life itself, about how and why things happen the way they do - and suddenly I would meet someone, a complete stranger maybe, who would provide me the answer I'm looking for in the course of a general conversation! Or I would land up on a website having the answer for me, while I was browsing for something completely different on the internet! Something or the other would happen around me, which wouldn't be directly related to my question in anyway, but would nevertheless provide me the sudden flash of insight I need! And at that particular moment, it feels like God Himself has manifested in that form to give me the answers!

Call it my stupidity or naivety if you will... terming these "coincidences" as "acts of God"... but over the years I have realized that believing in an invisible super-force, present beside me at all times, gives me the faith and courage to jump into the deepest and darkest waters of this vast ocean called "life"... knowing that I am not alone and that I have my "life-jacket" on me which would get me back to the shore no-matter-what!

But then again, there are some in this world, who don't even mind venturing out completely on their own!...

Hey you know what, I think I'll update this post again in the near future! I think my perceptions about God are going to change (or maybe become more expansive) very soon! So keep watching this space!

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Neelabh said...

ye kaise bhagwan hain jinki photo hai?

Kaddu said...

:D ye modern bhagvaan hain... within each one of us... as light...

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