Religion, GOD and Spirituality - I

Well, I promised earlier here that I would pen-down my views on God, Religion and Spirituality somewhere later in my blog - here I am now. Finally!

Let's start with religion first. Like I said earlier, I am not a very religious or ritual-oriented person. (And my new profile at orkut also says I'm "more spiritual than religious"!) Religion, as is prevalent right now, for me, simply means "the Art of Living", as laid down by our fore-fathers. All the rituals included are for a scientific reason – ringing the bell and chanting "mantras" for sound-therapy, lighting a diya for removing negativity, incense sticks for aroma-therapy, “parikrama” around the statue, on the graveled floor of the temple, for acupressure! Even keeping a separate "puja-room" has a very scientific reason behind it - it implies that you have a fixed space in your house full of positive vibrations, and any kind of meditation done there would greatly enhance the outcome!

Now, for me, practicing ALL this on a daily basis tends to turn it into some kind-of mechanical routine, which eventually loses its essence over a period of time. I mean, what's the point of chanting mantras if your mind is totally elsewhere? So instead of indulging myself in such practices which don't really require much awareness on one's part, I have decided to follow a completely different "religion"! The one laid down by the "Five Principles of Reiki"!

Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will show kindness and respect to all living beings.
Just for today, I will live the attitude of gratitude.

I have learnt, with experience, that repeating these affirmations every morning keeps me going positive through the entire day. I have also learnt that if I'm feeling low at any point during the day, repeating these affirmations again mentally gives me the required energy boost and a renewed surge of optimism and faith!

For me...
"religion" is helping a person in need;
"religion" is reaching out with a loving hand, towards a weeping heart;
"religion" is spreading light & hope where there is darkness & despair;
"religion" is uttering a kind word where there is hurt;
"religion" is lending an ear to listen & a shoulder to cry on where there is pain;
"religion" is giving a smile to those who have none of theirs to give;
"religion" is looking after my family in the best possible way that I can.

I believe that when I succeed at following this "religion", each and every time I get a chance to, I will have found my "GOD"!

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Neelabh said...

Cant spell reeligan but yes, I am spriritual..

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