The Little Kitty

Once upon a time, there was a little kitten. She lived with her master in a very beautiful cottage, in a secluded area on the outskirts of a town, where there were several other similar small cottages along a row. It was a quiet and peaceful locality. Not much interference from the neighbors. The Little Kitty practically had the entire house to herself when her master was at work. She would play in the small garden with the ball of wool that her master had given her, she would chase the butterflies away from the flowers in the lawn, dig up dirt, or simply lie on the grass and soak the sun!

Then one day, another family, from out-of-town, moved into the cottage next to theirs. This family owned a dog - a large Saint Bernard. Now this Mr. Bernard used to have a whole lot of friends back at his "old home" - all the other dogs who lived there in the same street as him, they were all very pally with him... and together, they had created plenty of mischief and had had loads of fun!

Mr. Bernard used to miss all his friends here. He had nobody to play with here, in this small row of cottages. Every day, he used to come down to the fence between his & the Kitty's cottage and he used to
sit there and watch the Little Kitty playing with her ball of wool on the grass. He used to be really amazed when the Little Kitty got herself entangled in the wool and rolled helplessly on the grass to free herself! He'd never before in his life seen a creature who could be so silly as that Little Kitty! He wanted to play with her and be friends with her.

One day, he discovered a small gap in the fence between the two properties. It was towards the back and was just big enough to let him squeeze through it. He marveled at his good fortune and crossed over to the Little Kitty's lawn, thinking that finally he would be able to play with her and her weird ball of wool! He even took his tattered tennis-ball with him, thinking that he would teach her how to play with that too!

But the welcome he got there wasn't quite what he had expected! The Little Kitty was used to living alone, all by herself. And so when she saw this "big furry monster" encroaching her land, her personal space, she got real scared! Each time Mr. Bernard tried to come closer, she scratched at him with her sharp claws! Mr. Bernard simply couldn't understand why she was doing this. All he wanted was to play with her! But he didn't realize that the Little Kitty was simply terrified of letting him get close to her, because she thought of him as a "City Dog", a "Big-Bully" who would probably hurt her!

Mr. Bernard tried his best to win the Little Kitty's heart, but how could he do that before winning her trust? Eventually, he got tired and left the Little Kitty's lawn, badly bruised and scarred. After that day, he even stopped coming down to that part of his lawn where
the fence overlooked the Little Kitty's garden, to watch her play. He simply drowned himself in loneliness and misery, thinking that this was not a very friendly place... and wished he could go back to his "old home"!

Four months later, a new family arrived in their neighborhood from the city. This family also owned a dog - a beautiful female Collie. Now Collie had been born and brought up entirely in the city and, as such, she had all the suaveness and street smartness that any city-dog would have. She was friendly and outgoing and knew how to carry herself with grace. So when she saw Mr. Bernard out on his evening stroll one day, she gave him a big woofy "Hi" and wagged her tail to greet him. Mr. Bernard recognized this gesture as a sign of friendship and decided to "peep out of his shell" once again.

With time, Collie and Mr. Bernard became great friends and spent almost all their time with each other! And Little Kitty... well poor thing! She never could understand that the "big guy" had meant no harm! He had only wanted a playmate in her! And so Little Kitty remained without any friend for the rest of her life... with only her "ball of wool" to play with!

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Nice little bed time story.
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