Working harder than ever - and NOT lovin' it at all!

Hello to all those who actually have the time to go through somebody else's blog!

Sorry for not publishing anything for so long! The "lame excuse" for it this time is, that I had been undertaking lots of journeys in the last 2 months... both out-worldly trips, as well as journeys "within"! And the latter isn't over yet!

Not going to go in detail about what all I have been doing lately... maybe some other day... 'coz tomorrow I'm again leaving for Nagpur on a week's trip... and I have loads to do before I leave!

In the meanwhile do check out this post on Rashmi's blog @

That would explain the title of my post. And also, I feel that she has summed it up pretty well here in this article... especially the last line (for the female-extreme-workers-turned-dedicated-house-wives!)... "Long hours, constant demands, close-to-impossible goals to achieve. Sounds like yet another extreme job – minus the pay!" Guess that truly is the REAL "adrenalin rush"... meeting these "close-to-impossible goals", which even technology and globalization cannot help much in achieving!

Call me a feminist if you will... I have no say in this as the scales are dipped way too low in favor of the females (80% Female vs. 58% Male non-extreme workers!)... but isn't it like taking-the-easy-way-out when you work just for YOURself - YOUR thrill, YOUR excitement, YOUR fat wallet, YOUR ambitions, YOUR material possessions, blah blah? Doesn't it appear to be a sort of cowardly approach to the other things in your life which you can't control so easily, viz. the tears of your kids when life serves them disappointments, the emotional dramas of your family, the first heartbreak of your little girl.........

It feels like you don't believe yourself to be capable of keeping your judgment intact under THESE real-time situations/problems... and so you simply dedicate yourself completely to WORK, so that every new milestone covered there could boost your ego a little more and add another feather-on-your-cap and help you bask in glory... while you know deep down somewhere that this so-called SUCCESS is just a lie - a false, make-believe bed-time-story! Yet you keep up the pretense of living a completely successful life!

But then... what happens when you finally wake up from this dream-world one day? When you realize you have missed your kids growing up... their first ball, their first hockey game, their first stage show in school...... OR WORSE... you never even had the time to have kids!........

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