"Lizard Lips" is now "Alien Invasion"!

Someone has rightly said "You can please some people all the time and all the people sometime, but you CANNOT please ALL the people ALL the time!" Sighhhhh!

I came back on Orkut in September this year... as "Lizard Lips" (refer to my previous post here)... but some of my contacts were not happy with the "Lizard" in my name and my profile pic. My sister even refused to add me in her friend list until and unless I got rid of that "Lizard" from my profile!

Well... after going through a lot of "peer pressure" from my friends and family... I finally succumbed and removed that dear Lizzy from my profile... against my personal wishes of course! :( I removed her pic from my profile and her mention in my name... and instead became "Alien Invasion". DD even sent me an Alien pic to use in my profile!

I made these changes in my Orkut profile just a few days ago... and guess what! My sister finally DID add me in her friend list... and some of my other contacts were also like "Okay, this is better than that lizard anyway!"... but now, it seems, I have incensed another group of contacts in my friend list!... the ones who had actually grown fond of that cute little "Lizzy", and had started to love her as much as I do!

Earlier... my sister told me NEVER to scrap her until I changed my profile, coz she didn't want that "Lizard" anywhere in her scrapbook! And now another of my Reiki friends has just left a scrap for me, telling me NOT to scrap him till I get that "Lizzy" back, coz he can't stand the look of this Alien in HIS scrapbook! Oh well... people!

But you know what... the funniest thing in this whole incident was that I got an "add request" from a complete stranger! This guy also has an Alien pic on his profile... which looks very similar to mine... and is apparently looking for his "brother lost in nevedor 34th galaxy"! Ha ha ha! :) Checking his profile, I saw that there is even a very active community on Orkut, by the name of "I Am An Alien"! :D

Well... I don't have that Lizard pic with me anymore! So even if I want to change back to it, I cant! :( I had googled for Lizard pics... and had found that particular one after hours of hard work and patience! Looks like I deleted it from my PC by mistake. Tch! Searching for it on Google again is something I'm really not game for at the moment! So.... I guess I'm just stuck with "Alien Invasion" for the time being!


Sequel to this post here: Glad Tidings!

Who writes my blog?

I have not blogged for a while... again!!!

Every day, all kindsa weird stuff keeps hitting my mind... ideas I feel like blogging about. I could be doing anything at that moment... cooking, Reiking, playing Mahjongg Fortuna on Zylom, or even taking a shower! Those ideas very quickly take complete shape in my mind... but I'm not able to record them anywhere as I'm involved with other stuff at that time... and then I just forget about them.

And even if I AM on my computer that time, then also, I am unable to "pen-down" (make that "key down"!) those ideas... b'coz I can't type at the rate of my thoughts! And if I slow down my thought process to type it all down... then I just lose the flow of my thoughts.

It's like trying to catch a dream in your mind! You keep watching the dream in your sleep with total clarity... but the moment you wake up and try to remember it with your conscious mind... it's just GONE! The same thing happens with my blog ideas. They're like dreams...

No... they are like voices inside my head...! Well, not really voices... they are like visual movies inside my head... that start out of nowhere whenever my mind is calm! Oh ok then... they are sometimes movies and sometimes text...! It's like reading the words within my mind... and I have no idea who puts them there!

Last week I suddenly got to know of several people who, apparently, read my blog regularly, but I had no idea about it! And they were, apparently, not happy with the fact that I haven't posted anything new here! 'Coz they said that I write well and that they enjoyed reading whatever crap I wrote! (???)

Which made me wonder... do *I* really write all this stuff? Every time I go through any of my previous posts, it comes as a surprise to me that I could have written all that! It feels like I must have been "possessed" by something at that time, which made me come up with such ideas!

I guess that something must have possessed me right now too... but, luckily, I'm able to follow the train of my thoughts with my conscious mind right now...!

So true!

Your Horoscope for DECEMBER 21, 2007

Negative attitudes on the part of a friend might have you doubting your own talents and abilities, KS. However, use your innate objectivity to see things as they really are and not colored by the prejudices of others. You are probably feeling more expansive than usual, and your imagination and intuition are operating at a very high level. This is a great time to look within and make use of untapped abilities.

Indiana Jones on Adsense !!! WOW!

Ha ha ha! Just noticed! This Adsense block just came up on on my page when I viewed my blog after making the previous post... something about "Indiana Jones Hats Online"! Well, it so happens that the Indian Jones Trilogy was also among the movies I have downloaded in the last one month! Some coincidence, right!

Hey but speaking of Indiana Jones now, I have to mention about the 2nd movie in the Trilogy... "The Temple of Doom"... which was based in India! Those of you who have seen that movie will know what I am talking about. And those of you who haven't... well download it and watch it! Or, on second thoughts... maybe not! :))

But do tell me... all my Indian readers here... how many of you have ever eaten live snakes stuffed inside a dead larger snake? ... And soup with eye balls floating in it? ... And chilled monkey brain for dessert? In fact, tell me... were these things ever a part of an Indian meal in the entire history of our nation? And please, somebody also tell me... the language that the local villagers in India are shown speaking in the movie (that is if you can call that "gibberish" a language!)... is it really Hindi? Ha ha ha! That movie is hilarious!

Anyways, I also just checked... I have accumulated over $20 now in my Adsense account! Ha ha ha! By this time next year, hopefully, I will have $100 there and will hence, become eligible for receiving my very first payment from Google Adsense! Yayyyy! :))

The Last Month... "LOST Month" ???

I have been away from the blogging world for almost a month! I told you all... I work in "fits"! Anyways, I'll just give a quick update of what all I have been up to in the last few weeks... and will then get back into my shell... where I have been hibernating!

I have downloaded a lot of English movies lately from the internet and watched them. I have spent Diwali with my sister, who came home for the festival... enjoyed the short cooking spree back then for a week! And also the short shopping spree with her! Ha ha! Wink!

I have also been trying to figure out why people like to buy stuff they can't afford? And I have also been forced to wonder repeatedly why people need to use credit cards for anything other than medical emergencies? My debit card works equally fine in most situations, and frankly speaking, do I really need to buy an expensive cell phone if I don't have that kinda money in my bank account?

I mean instead of taking a loan for 15,000 bucks today, and then paying a 10% interest on it... I'd rather wait for an year, accumulate the money in my account, also get a 3% interest on it from the bank, and THEN buy that phone! Hopefully, by then, it's price would have also gone down by a couple of thousand bucks! Ha ha ha!

But the way people use credit cards these days, it reminds me of an Archie comic I read looooooonnnng ago... this female Veronica is being given a "dose" by her dad about her excessively long credit card shopping bill... and she in turn asks her dad in total amazement "You mean we gotta pay for it?" Haaahhh! What did she think? That the piece of plastic was her very own personal genie from the magical lamp!

Well... apart from this, I have also been having weird dreams! One of them was when I sprained the thumb joint of my right hand a fortnight ago. My thumb was perfectly fine when I went to sleep. And then sometime during the night I dreamt that I was practicing writing ABCD with my left hand... and I also had this thought in my mind... IN MY DREAM!... that by using my left hand, I will activate my right brain! Next morning, my right hand was totally screwed up! I tried to use my left hand, thinking maybe the dream was really symbolic of something here... but I failed miserably at it! Duhhh!

I have had certain other revelations about my life and some of the patterns in it that I need to change. I don't want to put all that here, but I have discussed about them with a few of my friends, and I have realized that some major changes in my life are in order sometime very soon! High time! Although I haven't yet been able to pin-point exactly what changes I'll be making, I do have a general idea in mind. Very soon... I'm all set for it!

That's it for today folks... time for some retrospection and introspection again... adieu...

"Bihar 2007" - The REAL News!

Came across this topic, "Mob Violence in Bihar", in the discussion board of 4IW.com where I am a member... http://discussion.4indianwoman.com/user/Discussion.aspx?id=53421. Being a Bihari and residing in Patna currently, I couldn't remain mum on it! :D However, what I wanted to say about it didn't fit in the "2000-character-restriction" on the forum posts. So I decided to speak on their blog portal instead. My entry just got posted there (it is a moderated blog portal)... but then I realized my personal blog readers here will probably not get to read the post on that site. So I am copying the entire post here as well...

One of the members on the forum mentioned that "no good news ever comes out of that state; the news only keeps getting worse." Well that's 'coz for the past 15 years, nothing good was being done in Bihar to report about, and now when things have started changing for the better, it looks like apparently the media has been "paid" [or more likely "threatened"] to keep all the good news "hushed up" from the rest of the country, so as to give the new government a bad image!

But I live here, in Patna... been here since early 2000... and I have seen with my own eyes the rapid development in the city since NK took over the reins. I have been wanting to write about it for several months now, but was just too lazy I guess. Well, as they say... "Better late than never"! So here I am finally!

In the LPY era, my dad wouldn't dare drive with us 2 sisters (even in a car) later than 9.30-10.00 at night. So you can seriously forget about men taking their wives/sisters/daughters on *2-wheelers* after dark! And these days... you'll see ice-cream vendors out on the streets till 12 midnight! I never once saw a female ride a scooty out in the main traffic till LPY was around! Now, these girls are everywhere... claiming their right to the roads of the city!

Back in those LPY days, there hardly used to be any private vehicles on the roads! We used to take just about 7 minutes to reach my uncle's place by car. And now, there are so many cars on the roads that at times we have to wait for THREE green signals in a row, before we are finally able to pass through one of the busiest crossings in the city! Needless to say, that 7-minute-smooth-sailing is just a long lost dream now! (At times I wonder if things weren't really better in the LPY era!)

In just a little over a year, more than a dozen departmental stores and shopping malls have come up. You know… those centrally air-conditioned multi-storeyed complexes like the Vishal Mega Mart! And many more are still under construction! Seems like there is one being built at every main market! There must be at least 50 of them! There is even a multiplex coming up... like the PVR cinemas in Delhi!

The underground drainage systems have been cleared at several places of the city and the roads have been patched up... that is, where there were any roads at all! But in most of the areas of the city, the roads had totally given away to a never-ending series of pot-holes in the 15 years before NK took stock of things! So it's taking a little more time than NK originally estimated and promised the people.

And the rains aren't helping either. The amount of rainfall we have had here this year has broken all records for the past 100 years! Needless to say, the government is totally unequipped to manage such an unprecedented situation! I mean what could the Maharashtra government do when Mumbai was flooded? The news channels keep reiterating about lack of government aid in flooded areas of the state! But they all fail to mention that such a situation has never ever happened here before! Infact, I dread to think of the plight of the people if such heavy rainfall had happened during LPY's rule!

But I totally agree with this statement, "The main problem with Bihar is the typical Bihari attitude. The moment you enter Bihar you are struck by the feeling of apathy, and laziness that is all pervasive. People don't want to change." This is what is wrong here. It's not the government anymore... as the news channels keep pointing out! It's the mindset of the people here. They have become so used to inactivity and lethargy-ness and hopelessness that they just aren't able to appreciate anybody's efforts towards bringing about a change in the state!

Despite all these setbacks, Bihar is still headed towards reclaiming its past glory. Recently, one of my acquaintances came for a visit here from Mumbai. He had left Patna for good several years ago, along with many other well-to-do business families whose right to democracy had been threatened by the then-prevailing-authorities here! He said he couldn't believe his eyes when he landed here! The place looked so completely different!

And not just the capital city! He even took a tour to the neighboring rural and sub-urban places and said those places were actually connected by ROADS finally! Proper roads! And the connecting highway between Varanasi and Patna is finally as smooth as “Hema Malini’s cheeks (Ha! Ha! Wink! Wink!)… so that it takes just 5.5 hours to commute between the 2 places now, as against the almost 12 hours it took us back in 2000 when my family shifted here from Kanpur!

Strange really… the news channels haven’t found out any of this!

Love Hurts...

Just read DD's blog... she has recently written something on Love & Broken Heart. While I was going through her post, it kinda got me thinking. Like she says... if anyone has ever loved and lost, they will most certainly be able to associate with the hurt that comes with a "broken heart"! ... "The feeling, the pain, the throbbing", that is "almost unbearable at times"!

Yes, it's true. I totally agree with her. It really is painful... this feeling of being ripped apart... the sudden void in your life... the hollow ache...! But does it hurt only when we love someone and that someone doesn't reciprocate the same feelings? What about the way a mother feels when she watches her kid leave home for his first day at playgroup? And what about those tears in a father's eyes when he watches his son score the winning goal in a soccer match?

In the movie Terminator 2, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was about to destroy himself, and saw that John was crying for him, he said that was the one thing he wished he could do... LOVE!

Love HURTS. Period.
It doesn't matter whether you are heart-broken or not...
if you love someone, it just... hurts.

It hurts when you are away from him, it hurts when you are with him!
It hurts when you see him in joy, it hurts to feel his pain!
It hurts when he holds you in his arms, it hurts when his eyes say he cares!

No matter whether you are together or separated,
whether he's with you or with someone else,
every time you think of him, your heart is flooded with emotion.

Every time you remember the moments spent with him,
it brings a smile on your lips...
and yet your heart weeps...

Not because you can't be with him anymore...
but because you are so thankful to God,
for the memories of those few precious moments you shared with him...

The very fact that it hurts means you are not a machine,
for machines cannot love!
And if it doesn't hurt, it ain't love at all...

It hurts because you love someone so much...
that you just cannot contain it inside your heart anymore...
and it flows out from your eyes as tears!

And yet there are people who are so unfortunate that they are never able to feel the pangs of real love... for anyone! They are never able to surrender themselves so completely in love... not because they are selfish... but because they are scared. They don't trust life... and they don't consider themselves worthy of LOVE.

A person who is unable to love needs it the most... for his heart is like an iceberg... which only the warmth of love can melt into tears...

. . .

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THE Game

The other day I was talking to an old friend... and something she said made me remember something similar another person had told me a few days back... which kinda got me thinking again...

Ok, I'll go chronically about this then. FIFO. First in First Out.

A few days ago I was visited by a couple of "well-wishers"... a part of the "tribe" who are still trying to put me through the "cookie-cutter" (I came across this phrase somewhere and it suits perfectly here!)... and settle me into the role of the "standard cookie"... one husband, 2 kids, 9-5 job, followed by Ekta Kapoor's daily soap operas on the idiot-box! The PERFECT life... as is understood here in India and, I believe, the rest of the world too! So the female "well-wisher" gave me some well-meaning advice on how to get my life "in shape"... the "shape" that is accepted by the tribe I mean!

Now, I have a very blunt way of speaking... as people who read my blog can very well make out... and I am never able to pretend I like something if I don't. (Ok mark my words very carefully here... I have said "someTHING"... and not "someONE"... which means that even if it appears that I don't like a 100 odd THINGS about someone, it does NOT necessarily imply that I don't like that someONE! As they say, "hate the crime, but not the criminal".)

So then the first step in becoming that perfect "cookie" is finding myself a husband right? Well, these "well-wishers" came to the conclusion that my blunt style of speaking and my apparent "honesty" and "integrity" are the culprits here, which are keeping me from finding a husband. And then they let me in on this "secret"...

Apparently it requires just about an year (or even less at times) to completely have the man you want on a "leash"! (I use the word "leash" here 'coz that's how they made it sound... like I was taming a dog to live with me for the rest of his life!) They told me that if I can manage to keep my "gab" shut for just one year with a guy... any guy... I would have him "eating-out-of-my-hand" by then... and once he marries me, I will have all the time in the world to "nag" him about everything I might have ever wanted to in that one year... and everything that I might ever want to in the future! So it is basically a game of *waiting for just one year*... and after that you can treat him like crap... AND get away with it too!

Then the other day, my old friend confirmed the validity of this "secret". She said that all it needs to build up a "lasting" relationship with a guy is to treat him like a "KING" for the first few months... until you can make out he's totally addicted to you and your "female charms"... and then he's your "SLAVE" for the rest of his life! So you can just switch back to being your "normal" critical self, 'coz by then you would have already "conditioned" him to "keep wagging his tail after you", no matter what you said or did to him! And then, let's say if you held back your tongue for like 8 months before marriage, you can "nag" him about it for 8 YEARS after marriage... again and again and again! WOW!

(Of course you'll need to maintain a mental checklist of all those things you might have wanted to bash his head about in those 8 months! So this won't work if you're one of those people who have a fight with someone... let off steam then and there... and then forget all about it 5 minutes later!)

Now being put across like that in my "blunt" style, this sounds a bit disgusting, doesn't it? But hey, who am I to complain? The guys love this is as much the girls! They still keep falling for only those females who know these "rules of the game" and play it ruthlessly! I mean a man has to be really dumb if he honestly believes that the "ROYAL" treatment given to him BEFORE marriage will continue AFTER marriage too! In fact, forget about marriage and husband... ANY person will have to be dumb if he/she sincerely believes that 2 people can agree about everything under the sun and NEVER have any difference of views at all!

And yet, men still allow themselves to be fooled by the so-called "meek-and-docile-charm" of females! And when they eventually realize their mistake, they come out with so many jokes on marriage and on their "wives"...

The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.

I don't worry about terrorism. I was married for two years.

A psychiatrist is a person who will give you expensive answers that your wife will give you for free.

Bachelors know more about women than married men; if they didn't, they'd be married too.

Love is blind... but marriage is an eye-opener!

Young Son: Is it true, Dad, that in some parts of Africa a man doesn't know his wife until he marries her?
Dad: That happens in every country, son.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.
Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

Just think, if it weren't for marriage, men would go through life thinking they had no faults at all.

Marriage is a 3 ring circus: Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, and Suffering.

A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't.
A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, and she does.

Married life is very frustrating.
In the first year of marriage, the Hubby speaks and the wife listens.
In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens.
In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.

Ok and here's the last one...

I married Miss Right. I just didn't know her first name was "Always".

Ha ha ha ha! So before marriage, it is "MR. Always Right", and after marriage, it is "MRS. Always Right" !!! :D

I'll keep this "SECRET" in mind if I ever decide to become the "perfect cookie"! ;-)

P.S. - Long time back, my Dad used to share this joke with everyone around...

"I am the boss of this house, and I have my wife's permission to say so!"

9th Random Fact

Ok, so I was going to include this one in my previous post originally... but then I felt that just one small paragraph won't really do justice to this point! I wanted to share some real-life incidents about this one with my readers... and therefore, eventually decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it!

Well... the 9th random fact about me is... I TALK IN MY SLEEP!

He he! Yeah! I not only talk when I'm awake... I sometimes talk while I'm sleeping too! And then I very conveniently forget whatever I've talked about! I normally don't remember a single thing when I wake up! And while I'm sleep-talking to you, you will never ever be able to realize that I'm not fully awake! I mean I'm completely coherent, my words are not slurred and I make perfect sense even when I'm asleep! (Ok, maybe I don't make that much of a sense to some people when I'm awake! Ha ha!) By the way, I don't think I've done that for quite a while now... not sure about it though!

First time I realized I could do this was back in my school days. One of my classmates called me a day before an English test, for some help regarding her doubts. Now I had fallen asleep studying for the test... with the book still open in my hands. My mom came, shook me up and gave me the phone. She also kept a glass of hot milk on the table for me and went back to her work. I must have talked to my friend for a while and then gone back to sleep... 'coz when my mom came back in the room, the milk was still untouched, the phone was lying there next to me and I had my nose in the book (literally!)

She shook me up again and scolded me a bit... and complained about the milk having become cold... and then asked if I had talked to my friend or not. I said I don't remember having talked to anyone. And she was surprised 'coz she had been hearing my voice! She hadn't taken the caller's name either! So I made her describe the voice... and then we did some guess work and finally figured who it could have been. Then I called her back and explained... and she was laughing like crazy! She said I just didn't sound like I was sleeping... or she would have disconnected the line and called later! Apparently I had answered all her queries to her satisfaction! :))

And that's not all! In my BPO days, I have even taken a call from a *ghost* Dell customer once, at home, while I was sleeping!

Apparently the customer wanted to increase the virtual memory on his computer... and wanted to know how to do it. But I made him do an Msconfig instead. And then, don't remember why, but, I put him on hold (following the "Dell-Hold-Script" PERFECTLY!) Then couple of seconds later, I woke up. Just like that. And when I looked around, feeling that something was amiss, I saw my flatmate sitting nearby... with the corner of my bed sheet stuffed in her mouth! When I tried to focus on her more clearly, I realized she was all doubled up with laughter! Eventually she just broke out in a loud "HA HA HA HA HA"... and accused me of "dropping" my call without completing it! She said that by waking up, I had obviously "disconnected" the customer after having put him on hold!

I was TOTALLY clueless as to what she was saying! So finally she went ahead and narrated to me how I was taking this call... and how I had restated the problem as "increasing the virtual memory" but walked him through an "msconfig" instead... and finally put him on hold... and woke up! And she said not a word had been out of place! It had been a perfect call in all sense... except of course for the fact that I had given the wrong resolution and had dropped the customer's call! Ha ha ha! Gave me quite a reputation at work after that! :D

Well if you think that's the worst I can get... READ ON!

The same flatmate and I had shifted to a new place. It was a 1-bedroom-hall-kitchen thing. We didn't have the ceiling fans installed when we rented it. So our landlord sent in a technician to fix the fans that day. But the person got delayed somewhere and so was able to setup the fan in just the hall that evening. Now we had just one mattress on the floor in the hall... and 2 in the bedroom that we shared between us. And it so happened that both of us had our weekly off that night. So we were both going to be home. I hadn't slept a moment since my previous shift ended late that morning. So I decided to take a brief nap while Sanchita took care of some errands and made dinner for us. And that nap turned out to be a full-fledged sleep eventually, 'coz she didn't have the heart to wake me up.

Finally at about 11ish in the night or so, she woke me up, only so I would eat something. I sat right up... scolded her for not waking me up earlier and doing everything on her own (!!!)... had dinner... chatted with her... we listened to the radio... (some stupid play apparently!)... then exchanged comments on it... washed the utensils... and then she suggested I should go back to sleep in the hall, where I had been sleeping, and that she'd sleep without the fan for one more day. But I refused to let her play "martyr"! So we dragged another mattress from the bedroom to the hall... put some sheets over it... and finally slept!

In the morning when I woke up... as usual I didn't remember any of it! So when I saw the bedroom mattress in the hall, I asked her how she managed to move that heavy mattress all by herself... or whether Tony (her friend) had visited while I was asleep! And then she realized that I had been sleeping all along! That I had never really completely woken up! But she just couldn't believe it! Even I couldn't... to be very honest with you! I mean, talking in sleep is one thing... but eating, dragging mattresses, washing utensils and having a perfectly logical and sensible discussion about a radio-play...! TOO MUCH!

PHEWWWWWWW! Thankfully I haven't done this kinda thing for years now!

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The 8 Random Facts [8RF] Game

So this is the first time I have been tagged, since I started blogging. Neelabh tagged me about a month ago, but I checked his blog only yesterday! So I never knew that I was tagged! :D

Here are the rules:
1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

Well, I don't have 8 people in my list to tag either! So I'm gonna tag the Poet, Bubbles and DD!

Now 8 random facts about me...

Well... by talking, I don't mean that I can use my jaws and tongue and my "voice-box" to emit coherent sounds! I mean that I can REALLY talk! I used to talk for like 8.5 hours every day on phone when I was working with Dell Technical Support! My sis says I have the ability to narrate a 3 hour movie in 6 hours! I think she under-estimates me... I can narrate a 3 hour movie as a 3 year long weekly Soap Opera!

Once my dad gave me Bactrim DS for some infected external wound or something... and within minutes, my skin burst into small swellings all over my body... my face, arms, neck, legs, everywhere... like the way "Kachori" swells up the moment you drop it in hot oil!... and it started itching horribly too! Then my dad went to the medical store and got me some Avil (anti-allergic) and made me take that... and again within minutes, all the swelling on my body subsided!... As if a balloon had been deflated suddenly! It was like MAGIC! He he! FUNNNN! Thoroughly enjoyed that experience! :D

I have grown up on detective novels. At the age when other little girls are read out Fairy-tales for bedtime, I was being read out "Chacha-Chowdhary-Comics"! (For those of my readers who don't live in India... "Chacha-Chowdhary" is a legendary comic-book character here... whose mind works faster than a computer... and who is able to solve mysteries within minutes! The Indian Police Force is often seen seeking his help on tough cases... in the comic-books I mean!) By the time I was 12, I was devouring "Famous Fives", "Secret Sevens", "Nancy Drews" and "Hardy Boys"! And I had made up my mind by then that I wanted to be a Private Detective when I grow up!
A little something I remember from one of the books: If you wanna send a private note to someone and you think it might be intercepted by one of the "bad guys", try this... write the note with orange juice (fill your pen with orange juice instead of ink!)... it becomes invisible the moment the juice dries up. And once the intended receiver has the note safely with him, all he needs to do is to hold the paper over a candle flame or iron it on the back... and the heat will cause the writing to show up.

In fact, I can start singing just about anywhere... anytime! My singing was at its best when I had just joined the Wipro BPO in Delhi. I used to sing in our training room... whenever our trainer left us with some assignment to complete on our own. I even used to sing during calls on the floor, when my customer was on hold while I looked up the resolution for his computer-problem!
The best compliment I received for my singing: There was this fellow called Rahul Saggi in my team... and he used to hate it whenever I started singing! Well that's the way he made it appear at least! He'd call for help (..."Somebody please make her shut up!")... or start making annoying faces at me...! Unfortunately, he didn't stay with us for long though. A few days after we went on floor, he got a confirmation for his MBA somewhere... and the day he was leaving the office, he seeked me out especially on the floor... asked me to put my caller on hold for a minute... and requested me to sing a song for him! :D

I love the feel of water on my skin. I can play WITH water... and I can play IN water... for hours at a stretch! When I'm in the kitchen, I keep finding excuses to get my hands in water. When I'm not in the kitchen, I still keep splashing water on my face! When it rains and there are small water puddles on the roads, I love to step into those puddles deliberately to wet my feet! And I would stand under the shower for hours too, if only we had a water-storage-tank that big enough... AND... if only my family would let me occupy the bathroom for so long!
I love the taste of water too. You'll always find a bottle of water in my room... mostly on my computer table. I generally carry a bottle of water to the market too. Coffee would never do when I want water... and Coke... uhhhh! Definitely a No-No! And when I drink water, I like to keep it in mouth for a while, before swallowing it in. Of course, it makes my mouth look like I'm holding a balloon inside... which irritates my dad like hell! :D

I used to have a turquoise-bluish kinda salwar-suit till a couple of years ago. But my sister said it was green. I looked at in all kindsa different lights... it still looked blue to me! But she's the designer you know... so obviously people would say she has a better eye for colors! So I was dubbed "color-blind"! :D If you'd ask me though... I'd say that I work in the "16-color" mode! I mean I know what PEACH is ...(the color, not the fruit!)... but I have absolutely no clue as to what is MAGENTA!

Yeah! Fits of favorite colors... when I was a kid, my favorite used to be black color... then there was a phase of blue when 40% of my wardrobe was in blue! Then there was a short fit of green & an even shorter one of orange... and since my family moved to Patna, I have been alternating between fits of lime-yellow and lime-green!
I even have sudden fits of different activities. I would suddenly go on a house-cleaning spree... or would pick up the bed cover that I started embroidering couple of years ago... or make dozens of red roses (yeah, I know how to make a few artificial flowers)... or look at me now... I am in a fit of blogging!

Once upon a time, I used to wake up early... and I used to go for a 60-minute brisk walk every morning... and I used to see the sun rise in front of my eyes... and I used to look up at the rising sun and smile... and THAT used to remind me of sunflowers! If you ever get to spend some time watching sunflowers, just note... every morning when the sun rises, the sunflowers turn their pretty faces up towards the sun... as if they were smiling at him... like they had been waiting for him for so long! And then they follow the sun around throughout the day... and when it sets in the evening... they just drop their faces and go all gloomy and miserable! I still look up at the rising sun and give a warm smile... that is when I DO manage to wake up that early!

So there... homework complete... :D

Check out the "sequel" to this - the "9th Random Fact"!

Here's more in "Tags (or memes)"!


Everywhere you go these days, you find people talking about living in the Now. Any bookstore you visit, you'll find most of the bestsellers lined up on the same subject! Ekchart Tolle says in his "Power of Now" that most of our sufferings take place in our minds! We regret and repent over our past; we worry about our future; and in the process, we destroy our NOW too!

Past is History
Future is a Mystery
Present is the Victory

All the great peers from times immemorial have professed that "the Past is gone; the Future is yet to come; and only the Present is yours to experience it any way you like!" They say that the only part of your life you have got any control over... the only part of your life wherein you really do have any choice... is the Present. Even Shahrukh Khan tells his team in "Chak De"... before the world cup final in the movie... that those 70 minutes of the game are going to be such that nobody can ever take from them... no matter whether they lose or win... those 70 minutes of the game are going to be theirs forever! So they should just go out and play those 70 minutes like there was nothing else in the world after that!

Great advice, I agree. But isn't this a lot easier said than done? What does one do when the Past keeps rearing its ugly head (ok mine wasn't really ugly though... :p) every now and then to remind you of itself? And the Future is *packaged* in the form of a movie... the most horrid one at it!... and is replayed in front of you over and over again too! So, in this kinda situation, how does one keep himself in the Present?

I have not been in the very best of spirits last month... the "Pestering Past" is unable to stick to his decision of remaining in the Past... and came back to haunt me again! And the "Tribe" keeps repeating to me the same sad story of people who do not get married on time... and the funny thing is that their story never includes successful personalities like Sushmita Sen & Urmila Matondkar! (I especially mention 2 FEMALES 'coz otherwise I can just hear the "Tribe" say - "Oh! But these people are males! You can survive alone in this world if you are a man, but not if you are a woman!") I mean if you ARE gonna narrate a story... at least do it in an honest, unbiased way!

I have been so pissed off by this lately that (...you won't believe this!)... I actually went ahead and proposed to a friend of mine who's going through a similar situation! I told him very bluntly - "Maybe you and I should get married to each other! That will shut these people up... both your folks & mine! And then we can both live our lives the way we want... you go your own way and I'll go mine! And we can remain friends!"

(Is there any way we can add the yahoo chat smileys in our blog posts? I wanna insert the "wiping-sweat-off-the-forehead" one in here!)

I won't go into the details of his reaction... he's been pulling my leg about this like crazy now! I wonder where DO these WHACKY ideas pop into my mind from! I AM INSANE! No! I AM AN ALIEN! But I'll find some way to deal with this... I know I will! I'm not a loser! GRRRRRR!

I am an Alien !!!

January 12th, 2006
Me: i dont hv a vision in my life
Me: no direction
Me: nothing
Me: is this my destiny
Me: just earn money
Me: n spend it
Me: earn more money
Me: n spend tht too
Me: keep on doing this till as long as im alive

September 7th, 2007
The above is an extract of a chat I had with someone last year. Today, more than 1.5 years later, I am glad to say that I have both, a vision as well as a direction in my life! Today, I know why I am here and what purpose I have to serve in the order of things.

I am a member of the A.F.A.E.A. - Alien Federation Aiding Earth's Ascension. In other words, I am an ALIEN! Ha ha! Ok ok. So I am just an Indigo Soul, like millions of others who are present on Earth at this time. And I created that phrase (A.F.A.E.A.) myself while creating my new orkut profile. :D Well, you know... it just sounded so much more high-funda and important and all that... than simply saying that I was an Indigo!

Anyways... so who are these Indigo people? Indigo Soul's are part of the next evolutionary step. As the Earth transitions from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, we see more and more Indigos taking birth on Earth. They are here to assist the gradual transition of Earth into a new dimension. They are here to show people the new ways of living... the Aquarian ways of living.

Their job is not easy however. For they come in at a time when the old is the most rigid and reluctant to go. It is a time of cultural upheaval. And Indigo's have to face many challenges because they are "different". Our inner life is of the new era, but our personality, thoughts and feelings have been shaped by our parents, school and society, which are still very much in the rut of the old. Hence, being an Indigo soul in a Piscean personality creates an internal upheaval too.

We know that we are here to build something new, a new humanity and civilization. There is an inner calling and purpose we hear, that we are meant to make a difference in the world around us. But before we can do any of that, we first have to realize our own truth... we have to remember where we came from and why we are here... we have to break free from the bonds of the Piscean Personality first, which encases our new souls and prevents us from expressing ourselves.

One of the primary qualities that Indigo Souls carry is a heightened emotional and energetic sensitivity. We feel deeper and can sense the emotional currents and moods in ourself or in other people. We can sense the subtle energetic vibrations of a person or a location. (I always felt very "at peace" whenever I used to visit my school friend Namrata at her house. And we used to later discuss that the "energy level" of her house is very good!)

On the one hand where this quality allows us to be more fine-tuned in relating, on the other, however, it can create even more conflict within us! Most people are not aware of their moods themselves. They have no clue whether they are emotionally hurt or broken. And so they deny it when we pick up on the subtle vibrations and ask them about it. This leads to invalidation of our own perception skills. We convince ourself (with much help from family and society too!) that we have been imagining things! (That sure is what I have been doing for so many years!)

Often Indigos may take a long time to find their true calling in life. That is solely due to their own internal conflict. We spend a major chunk of our life just feeling dissatisfied with ourselves and restless and useless... because our soul directs us to break free of the bondages of our "tribe"... while our Piscean personalities, put into place by the tribe, don't let us do that! We are treated as and feel like "Born rebels"! Not many are able to understand us. We aren't able to understand the mundane either for that matter!

But once however we realize who we are and understand how we are different from the others and why we don't "fit-in"... it just needs "determination" and "deliberation", for "destination" is already ingrained in our soul! (Refer to the 3 Ds required for Apparition in Harry Potter series!)

We are here to be the light-bearers... hold higher and higher frequencies of energy within us. We are here to raise the collective consciousness of the planet... by working on transforming our own consciousness levels. We are here to transform humanity into a lighter and more life-supportive vibration... to change "lead" into "gold"! We bring with us new, healthier and more meaningful ways of living... of connecting to people with honesty and depth. And not just people... the whole of Creation infact... plants, animals, nature... the Earth herself!

And that is the reason for creating this blog too. I want to make the world a little better place to live in... help people be a little happier by how I interact with them and "connect" with them. I'm still in the process of completely unmasking my Indigo soul from the Piscean personality that holds it. And I'm gonna record my experiences here as I transform myself into what I truly am... so that others like me, who are still struggling with their frustrations... who still haven't discovered their purpose in life... may realize the truth if they chance to land upon my blog.

(But you know what, personally I still believe I am an Alien... and I believe my friend Saini knows that too... his testimonial for me on my last profile at orkut said "Nice Person, Wrong Planet"! He he! :D)

Giving Up...

Talked to my aunt today after a gap... realized her "depression" isn't just depression actually... it's something more serious! She has schizophrenia! DD thought it might be that!

The official definition of "schizophrenia", according to the WordWeb Dictionary on my computer, says that it is "Any of several psychotic disorders characterized by distortions of reality and disturbances of thought and language and withdrawal from social contact."

Her family is not able to figure out how to deal with her... they don't even know yet what it is in fact... and so they have given up on her. She lives alone. Has no kids. Obviously no work. No social life. No friends. Not a single soul on this planet to even talk to her!

Why do we do this? Why do we give up so easily on people? The moment a relationship starts going through turbulent waters, we give up... on the people we love... who, we know, love us too! Instead of helping navigate the boat to calmer areas, we tend to rock it even further! And eventually we just step out of it! We step out of the relationship... and we leave the people who love us, but who are just going through some rough phase in their life!

We don't give up so easily on our material possessions which need to be "fixed". We don't give up so easily on our habits which need "fixing"... smoking or drinking. We don't give up on our ambitions and dreams. So why just people? Why do we give up so easily on people?

Somebody once forwarded this text SMS to me... "Things are meant to be used and people are meant to be loved. The problem in the world today is that things are being loved and people are being used."

Well, the wise have said that love has great power... it can even move mountains. I don't know if MY love for my aunt is strong enough to "move mountains"! But I have complete faith in HER LOVE FOR ME! I know that, God willing, her love for me CAN motivate her to heal herself! So I'm gonna try and use that angle and see how it works out.

Please help, God.

Lizard Lips

That's the name of my new profile on orkut. Oh yeah... forgot to tell you guys... I deleted the old one last month because of some stupid reasons which I don't want to go into! :">

Anyways, here's the story behind the birth of "Lizard Lips"... not a very long one though!

The other day I was conferencing on yahoo with 2 of my very close friends... and we were talking about this and that and many more things... and we were throwing insults at one another... you know, the way only very close friends have the right to do! And then I decided to check into my MSN too for a moment... and found (to my utter dismay!) that my entire friend list was in duplicates and triplicates! Even the groups were in duplicates and all messy!

I haven't figured out why or how it happened, but I started deleting the multiple entries. And while I was doing that, I forgot that there was a chat going on too. And so those guys started calling me names like "Dead Meat", "Wet Mop", "Morbid Moron" and a "Bump on the Log" or something! Funny names! Well I seemed to take an instant liking to the name "Morbid Moron" when I returned! :D (My sister will tell anybody, who has the time to listen to her, that I am nuts and that I should have been given psychiatric treatment when I was a kid!)

Anyway, I repeated "Morbid Moron" to myself mentally... and then I spoke it out aloud... and I kinda liked the feel of my tongue rolling over those 2 words... "Morbid Moron"... and then I wondered what it would be like to come back on orkut with that name... and which pic I could put in my new profile there, to go along with my new name... and so on...

Then suddenly the conversation steered to Lizards... and I told "D" that "S" had slept with a lizard once by accident... and had woken up "enlightened" after that "experience"! [Wink! wink!] So we both got around to teasing "S" about that... and eventually he became "Lizard Lips" and "D" became the "Dancing Dog"!

And then "D"... being my twin soul that she is... got the same idea that flashed in my mind moments ago!... that we should adopt these new identities on orkut! But "S" refused to go public as "Lizard Lips"! We suggested all kinds of alternate names to him... "Lizard Licker", "Leaping Lizard", "Lizard Lipping Punk" (okay maybe the last one was a bit too much!)... but he refused to have anything to do with Lizards!

So finally, I relented... and offered to be "Lizard Lips" instead... so that he could go along with "Morbid Moron"! As it is, he definitely is a Moron... and the most Morbid one too at that!

Well, it was all settled then... and so yesterday I came back on orkut as "Lizard Lips"! I even found a cute little picture of a lizard to use on my profile! It's body is all curved... like a question mark without the dot below... which goes perfectly with my inquisitive nature and all those millions of questions I have about life and everything in it! And the little Lizzy is looking at something in front of her (probably an insect she's planning to have for dinner!) with full concentration... and is all poised and ready to attack! A perfect picture of sheer beauty and grace!

So there! As you can make out from this post... I'm a happy soul today! :D

"Morbid Moron", however, remains Morbid... and remains a Moron too! He DID NOT change his profile name on orkut! Even after the sacrifice I made for him! So I told him he should change it to "Spoil Sport" instead! Huhhhh! And today, during chat, he called me a "Geek"! Can you believe it? ME! A GEEK! Huhhhh! I told him "Thank you very much, but you can be the geek!" The "Growling Geek" in fact... 'coz he keeps sending me "Flippy-Growls" on yahoo!

But "Dancing Dog" is a sweetheart! She kept her word! By the way, I am gonna suggest to her to be the "Bewitching Bulldog" instead... 'coz she most certainly is Bewitching... being a German-American-Princess (as she never fails to inform anyone!)... and I'm sure that since she's been staying with her 3 bulldogs for so long now, she must have started looking and acting like one herself too! HA HA HA HA HA HA! What say D? ;-)


Sequel to this post here: "Lizard Lips" is now "Alien Invasion"!

From my Past Relationships, I have learnt…

This is a part of the questionnaire one has to fill while creating a profile on orkut. I have a profile on orkut too, for the last several months now… and I keep updating this point so very often there. Reason… relationships teach us so-so many things that it is just not possible to summarize everything in just one short paragraph and put it up there! Hence, I decided to answer this point in my blog here.

The first thing I learnt from relationships is that they come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes! While some may be just a 2-day interaction with someone you share your compartment with on a train-journey from Patna to Bangalore, there could be others in which you are just stuck for the rest of your life!

And yet, they all are the opportunities God gives us to learn… about ourselves, about people and about life in its totality! You could say… relationships are the “practicals” we get to test the “theoretical” knowledge we acquire over the years from life!

Relationships tell us what we are good at, and what aspects of our nature we need to work more upon. They are like mirrors, reflecting our own personalities all around us! They teach us how to love and to trust and to give.

Looking at my nephew giggling away with delight, as I throw him up in the air and catch him again… it makes me realize how simple trust is… and yet, it’s so hard to come by in later years of life!

I have learnt that while a lover teaches you all about vulnerability and “nakedness of soul”… beneath all those layers of protective masks you enshroud yourself in over years… it takes a child to teach you the true meaning of patience… when you are forced to repeatedly answer the same questions over-&-over again, when your impeccably kept room turns into your kid’s playground, when the baby has to go potty exactly when you sit for lunch…!!

It is also a child who eventually makes you realize how many sacrifices your parents have made for you! I have learnt that no matter how badly I screw things up, or how nasty I get, my Dad will always be there for me! His love for me will never “go out of the window”!

I have learnt that when a person deserves to be loved the least, he really truly NEEDS to be loved the most at that time! And I have learnt that having even one person at your side who believes in you and the inherent goodness in you… when the entire world around you turns against you… when you yourself have no faith or respect left for yourself… it could just completely change your life forever! More importantly, it could just save you from jumping off that train or that high-rise building, consumed with hatred for yourself!

I have learnt how to forgive, both others and myself… and I have also learnt how difficult it can be to forgive… especially yourself! I have learnt detachment. I have learnt it isn’t wrong to “move on”… ‘coz more than anyone or anything else, you owe your loyalty to your own growth and development first!

I have learnt that relationships aren’t always what they appear to be on the surface. The way people act/react with/to each other, could often have reasons going as far back as a previous birth maybe! Everything in this world happens for a reason. But, most of the times, the limited scope of our perspective and our own egos don’t allow us to see those reasons! I have seen how ego and power-play come into picture in relationships. We are so surrounded with the “I”, “Me” and “Myself” that we are just not able to see the other person’s point of view!

And I have learnt how easy it is to give up on people ‘coz of the “coal” you see on the surface… and yet, with just a little bit of perseverance and faith, you could end up with a mine full of “diamonds”… if only you choose to dig deep enough and for long enough… and have the eye to discern the "diamonds" when you come across them!

Relationships can really bring you rich rewards if handled with enough TLC… Tender Love & Care!

In Fond Memory of My "First Love"

19th July, 2007:
Little did I realize when I woke up yesterday morning, that the day was going to be a bringer of such bad tidings! This ill-fated day marked a terrible loss and insurmountable grief for me. "My First Love" took the first of his last few remaining breaths in this world! I did all I could to save him, but... alas! :-(

This post is a tribute to the 6-year long relationship I shared with him… 6 complete years of love and agony; of happiness and misery; of support and belief… I could just go on and on!

He came into my life at the end of July 2001… and since then, he’s been my best friend, my pillar of support, the source of all information I could ever seek! He’s been a “teacher”, a “dictionary”, an “encyclopedia”, a “medical journal”…!

He’s been my Single-Point-Of-Contact with the entire world! He’s helped me meet new friends and business contacts! He’s found jobs for me… and been my Personal Assistant! He’s taken care of all my assorted collections… of movies, songs, pictures… everything!

He was my voice… gave me a platform to express my views and feelings. I have shared all my fears with him, all my “heartbreaks” and all my little dreams and fantasies! No one else in the world knows me as well as he does!

He sang to cheer me up when I was feeling low. He played cards with me when nobody else in the world had time for me. He believed in me when nobody else did. He stood by me when all else had left. He was there with me… FOR me… even when the whole world had forgotten about me!

He strived unerringly and un-falteringly for completing every little whim of mine! I would wake him up at 7 in the morning and would not let him sleep till one at night… sometimes even throughout the night… and yet, he never complained!

He never refused me for anything; never doubted my integrity or questioned my love for him! He always had complete faith in me and my capabilities… even on occasions when I lost faith in myself!

I have lived with him day-in and day-out… as roommates… for years now! I ate with him, drank with him, and even spilled some on him! Spent many a long nights pouring out all my woes to him, while he tried to lift my mood by distracting me with all kinds of silly games!

So very often, I had to leave him and go off on my own, in search of “greener pastures anew”… yet, he would always stay behind and wait patiently for my return… and would always welcome me back with an open heart!

Now that he’s about to leave this world, I realize that I would have nothing left of him but memories… of all the times spent with him… of all those laughs and tears and thrills…! I will miss him always and love him always….

Kads… in mourning… till I get a new “Computer”!

Corruption in India

Had been fretting over my Dad's Income Tax Refund lately, for which he has been waiting for the last 3 years! We are about to file the Returns for one more year now... July 31st being the last day to do so... and we still haven't got the Refunds due for the last 3 years! Somehow, those people in the IT Department keep losing our files... and we have already submitted the copies of the original documents two times! Carelessness at its best... or is it something else?

Recently my Dad also had to renew his Car/Scooter Registration. The vehicles were originally registered in Kanpur and we were required to transfer the registration to Patna, since we stay at Patna now. Had to pay about 50% of the "official" charges as "bribe"... over and above the "official" charges!

Everywhere you go, it is the same old story... you gotta "pass-the-bucks" if you wanna get your work done in any government department here! You wanna apply for a passport... you have to throw money to get the police to "verify" your papers... even if everything is already in place! Some bureaucracy we have here!

So there I was... pestering my Dad with the "Why", "How" and "Where from" of corruption! I mean I am his daughter, right? So that fact alone gives me the right to ask him questions... related to anything and everything under the sun! And there he was... answering my questions as best as he could... something that he has been doing for the last 29 years now! Ha ha!

And then... after putting my father through several minutes of unadulterated torture (!!!)... I finally got "enlightenment"!

It so happens that there are something like 56 lakh Gods and Goddesses (exact figure not known!) according to the Hindu Mythology! There is one deity for "Knowledge", one for "Wealth", one for "Prosperity", one for "Removing Obstacles", one for "Justice"... and the list goes on! So basically, there is a complete "Division of labour" amongst our Gods too!

And guess what... our religion here says (as taught by the "pandits" in the temples at least!) that we have to make "offerings" to the respective God/Goddess depending upon the nature, immensity and urgency of our "wish", to get it fulfilled!

In other words, if we are praying for a job that pays 50 grand a month, we'd have a very bright chance of success if we promise something like say 5 grand to the Gods... as proclaimed by the religious preachers! AND the more Gods and Goddesses we keep happy... by giving offerings... the more blessings we receive to get our wishes fulfilled!

So there... now you understand where does this corruption stem from in India? If our Gods/Goddesses themselves need to be bribed for answering our prayers, then why should these government officials be any different? Haahhhh!

Career ?!?!

Friend: i am really interested in setting up my career
Me: hey tell me
Me: why do we all want to setup our careers
Me: why do we all plan to just stick to doing one thing thruout the rest of our lives
Me: why do we make lives so boring for ourselves
Me: wudnt it be more fun to keep changing jobs every so often
Me: not just jobs infact
Me: but the entire line of work
Me: so we get to learn so many diff diff things
Friend: how do you say career is sticking to doing one thing throughout the rest of our lives?
Me: well
Me: thts wht it means doesnt it
Me: u study to become a doctor
Me: n then u remain a doc thruout ur life
Me: career is like so binding
Me: its like saying...
Me: hey im a s/w engg
Me: means all my life thts only wht i will be doing
Me: n i will never probably get time to try out anything else!
Me: if anyone asks me...
Me: i say "im not career minded"
Me: ambitious yes
Me: but career minded no
Me: i like to be creative
Me: n flexible
Me: n i want to do this n tht n everything
Friend: but we need to be career minded kads,
Friend: some time or the other we need to be
Friend: suppose u r the breadwinner of ur family and if the family depends on you
Friend: well that time we cannot be switching one job to the other
Me: so mebbe we need to hv sum kinda financial stability n security
Friend: yup
Friend: and that is why career is imp
Me: well... mebbe i just hv a prb with the phrase... "setting up ur career"
Me: i mean ppl just get so involved in "setting up" their career
Me: tht they simply forget abt everything else in life
Friend: no not really.....i think initially companies might squeeze ppl out but once u got the experience
Friend: life wouldnt be really 9-5 always
Me: yeah
Me: once u reach higher position
Me: it becomes like 7-1
Me: 7 am to 1 am
Friend: :))
Me: but we cant do anything abt it
Me: coz we hv to "setup our career"
Friend: well, dont go for promotions then
Friend: just put years of exp under ur belt thats all
Me: exactly
Me: but then it just becomes work
Me: it doesnt remain a career
Me: career is sth u build upon right
Me: u keep on building to it
Friend: yup
Friend: yup
Me: attaining newer heights
Me: within the same field though
Friend: heights have its problems though
Me: if u switch field
Me: they say
Me: u hv to start ur career from scratch again
Me: why is tht considered such a sin
Me: why is career so important anyways
Me: why cant ppl just remain happy to work
Me: n to earn as much as they need
Friend: i see this way - in reality money is playing the larger role in all this
Friend: career and all is all nice terms to use with
Friend: but in reality
Friend: ppl want money
Me: i mean... look at me
Me: im financially more secure than i cud probably ever need to spend
Me: i hv plenty of time to spend with my family
Me: to look after my home
Me: n to do everything else tht i might wish to do
Me: so why is career important then
Me: how does it matter if im not interested in climbing a corporate hierarchy?
Me: why is career always related to "keep climbing"
Me: if u continue to stay at the same position in a firm for say like 3 years straight,....
Me: they say u r not serious abt ur career
Friend: yeah ppl say that kads
Friend: but believe me......it is all upto you.......work where u find happiness
Me: yeah
Me: thts the trouble with the world
Me: not many ppl today know wht makes them really happy
Me: n so we end up chasing all the wrong things in our life
Friend: if you have enough money to take care of your family and u find satisfaction @ work - U are good to go
Friend: climbing all the time - where does it lead to....what does it lead to?
Me: leads to loneliness
Me: the top of the mountain is always a lonely spot
Friend: yup and u would still be unsatisfied because u would be eyeing other higher peaks out there
Me: exactly
Me: n when u hv climbed the highest peak...
Me: u'll be even unhappier
Me: coz u wudnt hv any other mountains to climb
Friend: well, this is something close to what I was discussing with my mom the other day
Me: oh mannnnn!
Me: i hv become old
Friend: :))
Me: but plz dont start calling me mommy yaar
Me: :(
Friend: no granny
Friend: :))

Friend [Quotes from Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda]: Babaji told Lahiri Mahasaya - "the office was made for man, the man was not made for the office"

Matrix called "LIFE"!

A few days back, I read this article on the internet (http://www.indiaheritage.org/rendez/article1.htm). It explained, with the help of deep mathematical calculations, about the whole concept of yugas and mahayugas and manvantaras... in fact, the whole concept of TIME based on Hindu Scriptures, in particular the Srimad-Bhagavatam!

Now according to this article, there is apparently no beginning or end of time. The flow of time is eternal. The whole universe is nothing but an infinite cyclic chain of Creation and Dissolution. Creation: manifestation from the Absolute. Dissolution: merging back in the Absolute.

And, according to the Hindu Scriptures, Lord Brahma is supposed to be the Creator. [The Hindu "Trilogy" -- Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh -- equivalent to G.O.D. -- Generate, Operate, Destroy] So, according to this article, Lord Brahma is also apparently a manifestation of the Absolute, with a life span of 100 years, and (here's the best part!) one single day of Brahma is equal to 4.32 billion human years!

He apparently keeps creating throughout his day, like a painter busy adding colours on his canvas, and his day is divided into Manvantaras, sub-divided into mahayugas which are further sub-divided into yugas! (And we are presently in the kaliyuga of the 28th maha-yuga of the 7th manvantara of Brahma’s day!) At the end of each day when he goes to sleep, the "canvas" is apparently wiped clean and the next day he starts afresh! In other words, whatever he created during the day is merged back into the Absolute.

Now when I first read this article, I was so thoroughly shaken by it, right to the very core of my being, that I cannot even begin to explain what went on in my head! It felt like I was nothing but a mere fiction of Brahma's imagination. In fact, the whole world was nothing but a stage-play or a movie... with all of us having a certain role to play, a character assigned to us... and all we could do was play our part in the best way possible, for we did not have any control over the end! The entire "movie" was just a creation of Brahma's mind. He was the writer, director, producer, everything.

And we ignorant mortals, we actually believe that things are our doing! We get worked-up when people cheat us or hurt us. We nurse old grudges, bottle-up resentment inside us. We are consumed with guilt over the past and fear of the future. It seems like we are all racing against "time" itself... so as to create a space for ourselves in the world and mark it with a big "I". But in reality, there is no "I"! We simply don't exist! We are just playing a role assigned to us! Imagine if Julia Roberts started believing she really WAS the "Pretty Woman" or the "Runaway Bride"! What chaos!

Needless to say, I was just completely thrown off-balance that day. It suddenly dawned on me that we are apparently just living in a matrix and that this entire life really has no head or tail. It has no meaning, everything is just a thought out of Brahma's mind... and he keeps thinking, and thus manifesting, 'coz obviously, he needs to do something to pass his long day! I felt so empty and so... pointless!

Then couple of days ago, I found this other book, Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes. This is the first book assigned to me in my new role as a freelance writer for a company called MOKA. Going through this book, I realized that since I am also made out of the same Absolute as Lord Brahma, I too have the same Divine Nature or powers as Brahma. Meaning, I DO indeed have the power to create my life the way I want to, but within certain set limits, 'coz obviously my creation cannot conflict with Brahma's creation, right?

I guess this concept can be understood more clearly with the help of this example. Now I talked about this huge blank canvas Brahma starts working upon each day. So perhaps what he does is that he creates the main outline of his "story" or "movie" on the canvas... the main plot, with all the characters and the main events like the wars, the earthquakes, the tsunamis and stuff... and then he assigns each one of us a certain predefined area on the canvas to fill in the details the way we wish to.

It's like those paintings we did in school, where the teacher handed us each a small part of a huge tapestry and each kid was allowed to fill in the colors in his section in whatever way he wanted to! Or those English compositions where we were given the outline of a story and were told to narrate a plot around it in say 2500 words. Or it can even be compared to the big agricultural lands which are divided into smaller plots and leased out to farmers, so that they can grow whatever they wish to on their plot, or can even choose to leave it totally uncultivated!

In other words, we all have been given a life span of say 80-90 years on lease, our own bit of canvas, our own plot of land. And Lord Brahma has put in the pillars and columns in place which can't be disturbed. However, we are free to create around those pillars in any way we choose to. We can fill in our space with prosperity or poverty, with love or hatred, success or failures, wealth or misery, health or disease! We can make it as colorful as we like, or as dull and boring as we like. We are free to choose the kind of relationships we want in our life, the experiences we want to have.

In fact, whatever we think is manifested on the canvas of our life, just as whatever Brahma thinks is manifested in the Universe. We create the world around us with our thoughts. We create our problems, we create their solutions. We create our sorrows, we create our joys. We create abundance, we create scarcity. Bottomline: We are not mere actors playing a role, we are "Co-creators" with Brahma, with God, with that which is the Absolute.

Kidney Infection - A Blessing in Disguise!

Ok so I am down with Kidney/Urine infection these days! And being a part of such a "hate-doctors" family, it took me almost a week to finally come to terms with the fact that I need to bend the rules slightly this time and seek medical help! Convincing my dad to do the same took another couple of days after that though!

So here I am now... with a terrible lower-backache, that seems to spread right down to my toes like fire, mild fever and an infuriating bladder that makes me run to the bathroom 'N' number of times in a day! Fortunately, the spells of nausea aren't so severe anymore, thanks to the loving Reiki sent to me by my Reiki Teacher and my younger sister!

So, you might be wondering perhaps that how can I call this kind of misery and suffering a "blessing", right? Ha ha! I knew this would catch you! :D

Well, having this infection has given me a first-hand experience of what people with Kidney infection have to go through, so that if I ever come across such a patient in my life, I'd be better able to sympathize with him and comfort him. For instance, my sister-in-law just called me and I was surprised that I didn't have to explain to her one bit about how rotten I was feeling! She knew all the symptoms... and she advised me to drink lots of water! Felt great!

Having this infection has also given a renewed boost to my faith in humanity and the belief that "people are good" and that "the world is a helpful and loving place"! My Reiki Teacher has his Semester Exams starting 4 days hence (he's doing B.Tech.)... and he still manages to find time to send me healing! Perhaps that's the reason it is said that "Respect those friends who find time for you in their timetables, but LOVE those who DON'T CONSULT their timetables at all when you NEED them!"

Most importantly, having this infection has also helped strengthen my bond with my father! With only the two of us in the house-hold, and the "queen of the house" (that's me, obviously!) unable to stand on her feet for more than 2 minutes at a stretch, all the cooking and house-hold chores had to be taken care of by him! He made lunch and dinner yesterday, for the both of us, all by himself... and helped me with the meals today also. Not to mention putting up with my incessant groans and mindless ramblings! Makes me realize once again, the innumerable little sacrifices my parents must have made to get me where I am right now...

हिंदी में ब्लौग लिखने का मेरा पहला प्रयत्न

अभी अभी मैंने अपने एक दोस्त का ब्लौग देखा जिसमें उसने हाल ही में एक हिंदी कविता डाली है... हिंदी में ही लिख के! तो मैंने सोचा क्यों ना मैं भी ढ़ूंड के देखूं कि ये हिंदी ब्लौग कैसे और कहॉ से आता है... आख़िरकार ढ़ूंड ही लिया!

ओ कददू पुत्तर! तुस्सी ग्रेट हो!

Reiki gives a New Life to "My Baby" !

Sorry to cut in like this between such a serious topic going on "Religion, GOD and Spirituality"... but I just couldn't wait any more to share my excitement! :D

I have used Reiki for so many different purposes since I learnt it about 10 years ago, but each time I'm equally astounded by the results I get from it! So far, I have applied Reiki on physical, mental and emotional ailments of human beings; food, drinks, intents, situations, my dad's car, our refrigerator, even furniture! But this time I decided to use Reiki to save "My Baby"!

"My Baby", a teensy-weensy banana shoot, came into our family about 7 years ago, when we had just shifted to Patna from Kanpur. It grew up in our family, had its own baby after a couple of years, which we gave to my aunt. My folks then shifted to Noida and thanks to the "little fighter" in my sis, who wouldn't let the truck move without the plant, they had to bring it along with the rest of our stuff to Noida! (Of course my Dad's scooter did suffer a few dents 'coz of the pot! Hey, but that's a different story!)

Anyways, after spending about a year in Noida, my family shifted back to Patna... and this time our packer didn't even bother to argue about the merits/demerits of taking the potted plant along in the truck. He had realized he was fighting a lost case! So "my baby" came back with us to Patna, stayed for a few months at my grandma's place until we shifted to our flat in February 2005.

Each time it traveled, the plant had to stay without water for 3 days at a stretch. Suffered major bruises and "broken bones"... but some fighter I have here... it got back up on its feet (or roots, or whatever plants have!) each time.

For the last few months however, it's condition had been consistently worsening. Until finally, on the 1st of March, this is what it looked like... when I finally started giving Reiki to it. The dead leaves remained stuck on the shoot and wouldn't fall off away from the plant, to give space to the new leaves coming up in the center, to spread and grow. And so the new leaves also couldn't survive.

This pattern continued for over 1.5 months, until one day my Dad and I were standing in the balcony and looking at our dying baby with sadness. We were wondering if it would be able to make it this time or not... and I just happened to mention that it didn't look like it was going to survive this time around, UNLESS IT SPROUTED A COMPLETELY NEW SHOOT FROM THE BOTTOM.

And you won't believe this... THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THAT PLANT DID!... As if it had heard us that day, talking near it! It sprouted a completely new shoot from the bottom, which looked like this after just 2 days!

And after another 4 days, today morning, this is what it looked like! We finally removed the older shoot in the middle which was drying up anyways. :)

This time it really was a MIRACLE indeed!