East or West... which is the best?

Saw in the evening news yesterday that China had already collected 91 Golds in the Asian Games going on currently... which was more than the combined total of the Golds collected by all the remaining countries in the top 10 list! Which led me to wonder why are we so blindly following the American Culture today in India? Why not instead follow the East?

These people in China, Japan, Tibet, Korea etc. are all so many times more fit than the Western civilizations of the world today... and in ALL respects too - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual! Then why not take example of a good and healthy living style from them, instead of from "Uncle Sam" ?!?!

For starters, why not ban the use of all petrol/diesel/CNG operated vehicles throughout the country except in Military, Police, Medicine, Fire Control
and Heavy-Goods Transport... and switch to cycles instead? Would be like "hitting FIVE birds with just one arrow (or stone)"!

1. Reduction in environmental pollution.
2. Abundance in health of the people (cycling is one of the best methods for staying fit, along with walking
and swimming).
3. End-to-end in-house production of bicycles and complete export of cars/scooters/bikes/other 4-wheelers.
4. No need to import such high quantities of petrol from other countries which leads to a budget-deficit every year despite the high GDP growth rate!
5. Most importantly, where do we have the roads to accommodate such high number of 4-wheelers? Everywhere we go, we get stuck in traffic jams for hours!

So there! Something worth thinking about, isn't it? :)
Oh ok, I know... all this is easier said than done! In fact, forget about the rest of the country, even I don't know how to ride a bicycle! :D

But still... somehow I just feel that the East is way ahead in terms of personal growth and development as compared to the West. And somehow, I can't help but link it all to the Buddhist culture in some way! Now mind you, I'm not a very religious person in reality... (my profile at orkut used to say that I'm "more spiritual than religious"!)...
but I do believe in the "art-of-living" philosophy laid down by the various religions... and somehow, I just feel that the path outlined by Buddhism is a bit more focused and closer to the truth than the other religions.

Guess this topic needs a fully dedicated post to do it justice... so will continue about this later... am in a hurry now. In the meanwhile, please let your comments flow in. Thanks and cheers! Keep smiling... :)

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Lotstodo said...

How is the fitness regime coming along??!

Kaddu said...

What fitness regime sweetheart? I left it months ago! :p
But yeah I hv recently lost 2.5 kgs... dont ask how though! :D
And hey, don't worry... if u r planning to get some gud guys for me at ur wedding here... just let me know ok... and I promise I'll get fit by the time u guys reach here! Ofcourse, u'll hv to tell me in advance about it... like say in a day or two maybe! :D

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Do we follow Uncle Sam? I mean REALLY? If we did we'd be less corrupt... and wouldn't stare at women....and not poke about in other people's lives...and be professional...and less racist...

Follow karna hai to thik se karo na.

Frankly, I'm not sure WHAT we follow!

Kaddu said...

Khichdi desh! :-p

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