Somebody stop the world... I wanna get off it!

Too much work!... Too little time!... Highly ineffective time-management... as my time-table did not provide for soooo many unforeseen events, all at the same time!

Gotta go right now... will update the blog later... dunno when though... but keep checking this space if your schedule isn't as hectic as mine is these days!

Oh and btw... the title of this post is by courtesy - Aditya Saini. He used this quote as a signature in his mails once very long ago, when I had just started learning about the internet and emails and stuff... (paid 20 bucks to open a "FREE" email account on !!!) and had not yet learnt about chatting!... :D

But then I don't even have time for this beautiful reminiscence right now (sigggghhhhhh!)... so bye and keep chilling...

East or West... which is the best?

Saw in the evening news yesterday that China had already collected 91 Golds in the Asian Games going on currently... which was more than the combined total of the Golds collected by all the remaining countries in the top 10 list! Which led me to wonder why are we so blindly following the American Culture today in India? Why not instead follow the East?

These people in China, Japan, Tibet, Korea etc. are all so many times more fit than the Western civilizations of the world today... and in ALL respects too - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual! Then why not take example of a good and healthy living style from them, instead of from "Uncle Sam" ?!?!

For starters, why not ban the use of all petrol/diesel/CNG operated vehicles throughout the country except in Military, Police, Medicine, Fire Control
and Heavy-Goods Transport... and switch to cycles instead? Would be like "hitting FIVE birds with just one arrow (or stone)"!

1. Reduction in environmental pollution.
2. Abundance in health of the people (cycling is one of the best methods for staying fit, along with walking
and swimming).
3. End-to-end in-house production of bicycles and complete export of cars/scooters/bikes/other 4-wheelers.
4. No need to import such high quantities of petrol from other countries which leads to a budget-deficit every year despite the high GDP growth rate!
5. Most importantly, where do we have the roads to accommodate such high number of 4-wheelers? Everywhere we go, we get stuck in traffic jams for hours!

So there! Something worth thinking about, isn't it? :)
Oh ok, I know... all this is easier said than done! In fact, forget about the rest of the country, even I don't know how to ride a bicycle! :D

But still... somehow I just feel that the East is way ahead in terms of personal growth and development as compared to the West. And somehow, I can't help but link it all to the Buddhist culture in some way! Now mind you, I'm not a very religious person in reality... (my profile at orkut used to say that I'm "more spiritual than religious"!)...
but I do believe in the "art-of-living" philosophy laid down by the various religions... and somehow, I just feel that the path outlined by Buddhism is a bit more focused and closer to the truth than the other religions.

Guess this topic needs a fully dedicated post to do it justice... so will continue about this later... am in a hurry now. In the meanwhile, please let your comments flow in. Thanks and cheers! Keep smiling... :)

Having a child is like "having your heart go walking around outside your body forever"!

Hey all! This entry was supposed to be posted yesterday, but my net had been giving some problems, so it got delayed. Anyways, I have been real busy for the last few days with all kinds of errands and odd jobs for the new "mom-n-dad" in the family... and of course, the baby! The chores brought to surface two prominent thoughts in my mind...

One, it sure feels good to be needed by someone, even for something as trivial as buying a wrought-iron rack to stack the baby's clothes and other stuff!

And second, why do people go through this self-inflicted torture and misery of child-birth?

This is the first time I have been witness to a birth from such close range. The older women of my family, who were with my sister-in-law at the time of delivery of the baby, said that the pain and discomfort would all be over in just a few more minutes! Whereas, the truth is that the misery and the era-of-sleepless-nights has actually just begun for the mother and the father!

The hunger-cries of the baby every 2-hours (even at night!)... the messy bed-sheets and clothes... the despair at not being able to understand why the baby is crying when it's not time for a feed yet! ... Few years down the line, there will be headaches about which school to admit him into, the donation required for admission, the preparation for the entrance test etc! And then worries about saving enough money for the best possible higher education that could be provided to him and prayers that he doesn't get involved in wrong company and gets into drugs and the likes!

Eventually its all gonna boil down to getting him settled in life - decent job, decent spouse, a house of his own, and finally... the question that's so commonly heard today in everybody's homes... "Why aren't these kids starting their own family now?"... 'Coz at the end of this cycle, all parents want to become "grand-parents" so that they can finally sit back and actually enjoy the presence of kids around them, without the load of responsibilities and heartaches that come along with it! But when they eventually DO become grand-parents, they realize that their sons/daughters are located half-way across the globe, so they still can't enjoy whatever is left of their lives with their grandchildren!

Makes one wonder whether it really is worth all this trouble! :-/

"Ramblings of a mad man"...

Came across this poem on a friend's blog... he was going to title it "Ramblings of a mad man"... couldn't help commenting on it...

"Ramblings of a mad man" doesn't go with this poem... these words don't look like they came out of a mad man's mind! On the contrary, they depict a much higher level of consciousness and connection with the Divine or the "Natural"!

We indeed have lost the true value & meaning of life these days. Somewhere along the path of making our lives easier for ourselves, we have somehow managed to get our priorities all mixed up... so that money and power indeed seem to be the only reasons worth fighting for now!

New Life Dawns a New Beginning...

Yesterday (3rd of December, 2006) marked the arrival of my nephew (yet-to-be-named) into this "mysterious world"... and since I was amongst the very first people who saw him (even before the docs had cleaned him completely!)... and was also the only one amongst all his "uncles" and "aunts" who were there at the time of his birth (the rest of them were all his "grand-uncles" and "grand-aunts" and even a GREAT-grand-mother!)... the entire experience gave me a very unique kinda exhilaration! Added to all this was the fact that yesterday was also the birthday of one of my cousins! So that the "chacha-bhateeja" now share the same birthday date! Of course it means one less b'day party for us... but hey! its okay!

Yesterday also made me notice the marked difference in my city since the "Dark Ages", a.k.a. "The Pre-Nitish Period"! The amount of time it took us to reach the "Income Tax Golambar" from the Maurya Hotel on Fraser Road, and that too on such a cold and wintry Sunday evening... we could have made a round-trip to the Patliputra Colony in that time earlier! Have never been witness to such a huge population in Patna on a Sunday before! Made me wonder if things were really ALL that bad during the "Laloo-Era"! ;-)