Who am I?

MysteriousKadduI am Chicky Kadambari (more commonly known as "Kaddu")... a member of the A.F.A.E.A. (Alien Federation Aiding Earth's Ascension)... currently stationed in INDIA on planet EARTH.

LOL! I'm kidding! I made up that acronym! There's no such organization! I'm just a female blogger from India. :)

"Kaddu" is my official pen-name. The name (short for "Kadambari") was given to me by my classmates in school. It is the Hindi word for pumpkin. Hence, all the pumpkins in my blog design.

I love:

  • fresh flowers (especially yellow ones)
  • sunsets
  • perfumes
  • chocolates
  • FOOD

I like:

  • reading books (mystery, sci-fi thrillers, fantasy, sometimes chick-lit)
  • watching movies (English action, preferably)
  • listening to music (mostly instrumental... love the saxophone & drums & the soulful music of Yanni!)
  • writing (or should I say "blogging"?)
  • photography

When I'm not blogging here, I'm busy being a homemaker and running my own stationery and book store. (It's called Kopy 'n' Kitab.) On days when business is slow, you might find me creating something new with my KraftyFingers, or doing Reiki healing sessions. Occasionally, I do some freelance web-designing work as well.

If you wish to read more about me, you can browse through all the "Who-Am-I" posts here (results of personality quizzes from various sources!), or all these "tags" that my blog buddies have made me do over the years...

About this blog?

The blog,'miss_teerious' (which happens to be my very first blog) was born on the 4th of December, 2006... exactly one day after the birth of my most adorable nephew - the wild and untamed little imp - Yuvraj)!

Here's my very first post on this blog: "New Life Dawns a New Beginning...".

Why "miss_teerious"?

Because I've always been in love with that old song of Peter Andre... "mysterious girl"! :D Hahahaha! Actually, that's only part of the reason. Here's the full story behind the name of my blog - "30 Days of Me: The Blog Name...".

The signature note of 'miss_teerious'?

Witty. Humorous. Thought provoking. Oozing positivity. A little sweet & a little spicy. No heavy information overload. At least not on a regular basis. Just some light reading. A different perspective about life perhaps? Some personal reflections. Ok, occasional rants too, but, hey! A woman is entitled to a few mood swings, right? Besides, this is a personal blog after all!


If you'd like to republish any of my work here, you can view the copyright details at this page - "Creative Commons License".

If you'd like to work with me, here's a brief list of the services I offer currently.

If any of my remarks here hurt/offend you in any way, please DO read the "Disclaimer" first. If you still feel the same way, please let me know (using this Contact form), and I'm sure we'll figure out some way to co-exist in peace! :)

I hope you enjoy browsing through my little corner on the web. Do share your comments on the posts you read... I always love to have little "chit-chats" with my blog readers! :D

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P V Ariel said...

Hi Kaddu,
At last i landed here to know more about you and your blog activities, its really interesting and amazing too, what a
great travel from the beginning of the first post, indeed a
great journey.
Keep Going!
Keep Inform
Best Regards
I am philip of Philipscom

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Thank you for the visit, Philip. I'm glad you found something of interest here. Do drop by again whenever you can. :)

Sakshi Nanda said...

I am surprised I did not bump into this blog in my one year as a blog "owner", which is a lifetime in the world of social media and connecting through it. Good to have found this. I stay somewhere 'Between Write and Wrong'. Will not drop a link, though have managed to shamelessly drop a hint. :)
Lovely space. Looking to follow some quality writing. It's a desert out there!

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Hi Sakshi! As they say, 'better late than never', right? :D
I know you from my twitter timeline though... am one of the 'silent lurkers' on most people's blogs these days! :P
Glad you finally found my blog! Hope you find something of interest in my 8+ years of archives here!
See ya!

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