Sunday, May 31, 2015

KBL Jun 2015: My Favorites

So I'm attempting another daily-blogging series here after a long time... almost two years in fact. The last one was in 2013 - "UBC Jul 2013: Summer Drive". (No, the April A to Z wasn't technically a daily-blogging series as I wrote only 26 posts in the 30 days.)

The highlight of this month's series is that I'm keeping it really SHORT this time. This month's KBL-T30 (or NaBloPoMo) is going to be entirely about "MY FAVORITES".

"2015 Jun KBL: My Favorites"

Yupp, that's right. It could be my favorite... anything!

Also, I'm going to take full creative liberty of making the posts wordy or wordless, as and when I feel like.

Please feel free to join in this month-long marathon of sharing about ourselves. If not on your blogs, join in the comments below each post, here or on Facebook, or even on Twitter! Use hashtag #MyFavorite (singular) to mark your posts/comments for this challenge.

As usual, I will keep adding the list of posts here as I complete them.

Day 1 - My Favorite Color
Day 2 - My Favorite 10 Harry Potter Characters ~ Ten On Tuesday
Day 3 - My Favorite Author As A Kid
Day 4 - My Favorite Toffee/Candy
Day 5 - My Favorite Things That Teachers Say
Day 6 - My Favorite Fruit
Day 7 - My Favorite Perfume
Day 8 - My Favorite Ice Cream
Day 9 - My Favorite Subject in School
Day 10 - My Favorite Handmade Work
Day 11 - My Favorite Post I Read Today
Day 12 - My Favorite Hot Drink
Day 13 - My Favorite Word Search Game for Android
Day 14 - My Favorite Game on Facebook
Day 15 - My Favorite Summer Breakfast
Day 16 - My Favorite Video Game As A Kid
Day 17 - My Favorite Bollywood Song
Day 18 - My Favorite Digital Collage Card
Day 19 - My Favorite Family Photo
Day 20 - My Favorite Indian Street Food
Day 21 - My Favorite Cartoon Show
Day 22 - My Favorite Outdoor Game
Day 23 - My Favorite Flowers
Day 24 - My Favorite Cookies
Day 25 - My Favorite God
Day 26 - My Favorite Bird
Day 27 - My Favorite Animal
Day 28 - My Favorite TV Show
Day 29 - My Favorite Extra-Curricular Activity In School
Day 30 - My Favorite Hobby

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Parul said...

Yay! All the best! I am going to be around - cheering for you, sharing, commenting with my 2 cents..Go for it!

Vinay Leo R. said...

Good luck :) Waiting for Post #1 (coz its June 1 already)

Laurel Regan said...

Good luck with the month-long challenge! I'm doing NaBloPoMo as well. :)

Chicky said...

Thanks Parul! I'll be looking forward to reading all your favorites! :D

Chicky said...

Thanks Leo! And... :P

Chicky said...

Thank you, Laurel! And good luck to you too? Have you picked a theme for the month?

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