Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is Change Good?

They say that change is good, but I've never been the one to welcome it readily into my life. For instance, this blog. I started it more than 8 years ago, and, until about half an hour ago, I was still stuck on the same old blogspot domain! Not anymore though. :D

That's right... miss_teerious is now at! :D :D :D

Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys earlier, I changed my blog menu bar too about a month ago.

8+ years of blogging (even if it is as erratic as mine) and 800+ posts, on such a wide range of topics, forces you to optimize navigation on your blog if you want to make your content accessible easily. More so if you're as obsessed with orderliness as I am!

So here's a screenshot of the new menu bar too.

With all these new sections now, i.e. "My Interests", "My Blog Columns" etc., it looks more like a personal blog, doesn't it? Plus I managed to get the sub-menus working too. So now, for example, the category "Audio/Visual" further opens up into "Music", "Movies" and "Videos" automatically, right up there. Now anybody can access any topic on my blog in just one click, no matter what page s/he is on! Neat, right? :D

As for the new domain, well let's see how that change goes.

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