Wednesday, May 23, 2012

KBL Sep 2010: Live Life

This was the very first "30-posts-in-30-days" series that I attempted here. While the subsequent daily-blogging series all have their own "list page", linking to all the posts in the respective series, I never bothered to compile this first series in a single "list page". So here it is now... the list of all 30 posts in the very first NaBloPoMo series here...

"2010 Sep KBL: Live Life"

Day 1 - Live Life: Face Your Fears
Day 2 - Live Life: Show Up
Day 3 - Live Life: Have A Sense of Wonder
Day 4 - Live Life: Find A New Perspective
Day 5 - Live Life: Get A Good Night’s Sleep
Day 6 - Live Life: Pamper Yourself
Day 7 - Live Life: Remember to Have Fun
Day 8 - Live Life: Be Open To New Ideas
Day 9 - Live Life: Be True To Yourself
Day 10 - Live Life: Don’t Compare Yourself With Others
Day 11 - Live Life: Read Books
Day 12 - Live Life: Get In Touch With Nature
Day 13 - Live Life: Follow Your Heart
Day 14 - Live Life: Don’t Look For Approval Of Others
Day 15 - Live Life: Don’t Beat Yourself Up
Day 16 - Live Life: Surround yourself With Positive People
Day 17 - Live Life: Express Your Creativity
Day 18 - Live Life: Take One Day At A Time
Day 19 - Live Life: Exercise
Day 20 - Live Life: Keep The Faith Alive
Day 21 - Live Life: Visit A Museum
Day 22 - Live Life: Look For Humour
Day 23 - Live Life: Don’t Focus On Negative Thoughts
Day 24 - Live Life: Limit Media
Day 25 - Live Life: Take A Break
Day 26 - Live Life: Celebrate The Good Times
Day 27 - Live Life: Motivate Yourself
Day 28 - Live Life: Apologize To Loved Ones
Day 29 - Live Life: Will Yourself To Find A Way
Day 30 - Live Life: Acknowledge Your Achievements

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