Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How To Get Your Own FREE Blog At Blogger?

So I was randomly hopping around "miss_teerious" the other day, and I came across the post 'Kaddu on "the Leash"... again!'. (You can click on the link to read it.)

Following the link mentioned in that post, I landed on this other post 'From Dog to Human'.

If you click on this second link, you'll see that it's perhaps one of the shortest posts on my blog! Just 3 lines! But if you scroll further down, to the comments section, you'll find a comment from Shobhit. A loooooooong comment... at least as long as one of my regular blog posts... with some outrageously hilarious ranting! [grins] A highly-recommended read!

This comment was written by him before he started his own blog. It was also partly responsible for making me hold him at gun-point to get him start his own blog! No, it was not a real gun. I don't have the license to keep a real gun with me. It was just a toy gun! But, he didn't know that! [grins wickedly this time] You can read more about that historical event here -"Kaddu - The 'Godmother'".

By the way, if you also get the occasional urge to pen-down your rants and viewpoints on anything under the sun, but you don't have a blog yet, just

- Go to

- Login with your gmail username and password (or click on "Get Started" at the bottom right to get a free Google account).

- Then click on the big button that says "Create Your Blog Now" (refer to the image below).

How To Create A Blog On Blogger(Click on the image to see an enlarged view)

- Give your blog a name (I call mine "miss_teerious") and a unique URL (the address your friends will type in the address bar to read your blog; mine is "").

- Choose a template from the given list.

- And finally click on "start posting now".

That is all.

See... I just ended up creating a blog for Dad (Arun's World) that he'll obviously never use! Took less than 5 minutes! :D

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