Thursday, September 30, 2010

Live Life: Acknowledge Your Achievements

In today’s world, people have become quick to criticize, yet very slow to leave a word of appreciation. Fortunately though, by the Grace of God, I find myself surrounded by mostly appreciative people today – people who like me, and who like whatever little bit of inputs I contribute to the world around me.

And taking a leaf out of their books today, I will also make an attempt to acknowledge my achievements in the recent times, and to appreciate myself.

  • Today is the last day of this NaBloPoMo September 2010 project. 30 posts in 30 days. And this is my 30th post. I must say, when I started this project, I did not really expect to finish it. As such, today marks a major landmark in my life. I have apparently gone through some major mental and spiritual growth during the last 30 days. I feel like a new person today, in fact! 30 days ago seem like a different era…

  • Tomorrow, my online magazine, Kadzilla’s Lounge, will see it’s 4th issue. Once again, I never thought I would make it beyond the first issue, or the second at the most. But, I have realized that giving up on something is more difficult when people are counting on you. It’s like my earlier post in this series: “Live Life: Show Up”.

  • This NaBloPoMo series, as well as the new sections in my magazine, has led me to explore my own writing skills in some altogether new directions. A good wing-stretching exercise for me. In fact, not only in just writing, but also in other areas – social interaction, technical, SEO, entrepreneurship, photo editing, and even… oh, but wait! That’s a surprise in tomorrow’s issue! I can’t reveal it over here now! :p

  • A different kind of work opportunity with someone, an upcoming start-up, has made me aware of skills I never knew I possessed! Weird, huh! It’s like you’re thrown into the water and then you realize that you can already swim!

Anyway, the recent times have shown me a lot of new things about myself. The winds are changing. I have heard and read so much about the so-called ascension of the planet into the new dimension by 2012… I wonder if all that really is true after all…

Is anyone else experiencing some major changes in his/her life in these times? Is anyone else feeling bigger… stronger?

This is my 30th (last) post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

Link to the previous post: Live Life: Will Yourself To Find A Way

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Bikramjit said...

WOWOW now that is a achievenment in itself 30 in 30 days I could never do that .. I would not know what the heck to write .. COngratulations and yes one shud be proud of achievements the hard work put for that

Excellent I dont know why i have not come to ur blog earlier ...

Bikram's Blog

Kaddu said...

Thanks Bikramjit. You probably never noticed my blog earlier because I don't socialize much. As in lengthy Twitter conversations etc. Or participation in contests like BAT and BPL etc. :P
Btw, you are the same Bikram from my FB friend list, right?

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