Monday, July 19, 2010

'miss_teerious' is Online again

So the blog is public again. As expected, the feed readers are able to pick up all those posts that I made in the last few months when this space was private. Really glad about that... I was in no mood to publish them again!

A slight mess here though... for some weird reason, my Google Reader shows all these (19, I think) posts in reverse order of publication. Or maybe they aren't really in any order. Yes, that's right... they aren't in any order. It gives a completely jumbled version of the feed! Huhhh! Very weird.

Well I guess it's going to seem very confusing to my "off-site" readers, 'coz many of my posts are like parts of a continuous thread of thought. Not that I can do anything about this though. The only suggestion I have is that if someone feels a bit clueless about what's going on, it would be best to visit this blog in person and read the posts in their correct sequence.

More later then...

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Web Snacker said...

welcome back!

Kaddu said...

Thanks :)
Are u on Twitter? Or on Facebook?

garima82 said...

You are normal again.... :P

Welcome Back :-)

Kaddu said...

Garima... as normal as I can perhaps ever be! :P
You were going to call... what happened? I have to tell u something.

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