Monday, July 5, 2010


And yet again the similarities between Kaddu & Lizzy are proved!

I went off social networks 1.5 months ago, hibernated for a long while, and when it seemed that I might turn into a complete recluse if I stretched this hibernation any longer, I returned.

Me... a permanent social recluse? Lol! No way! Even my sister knows me better than that! He he! :p

And what a grand welcome I have received on Facebook from all my FarmVille friends! It's amazing! In just 3 days time, I managed to expand my Horse Stable 4 times and 4 of my Dairy Barns twice each. I also managed to construct a Japanese Barn and then expand it twice. And I built a Nursery Barn too! Those who play FarmVille would know how much "neighborly goodwill" it requires to accomplish all this so soon, with just about 50 active neighbors!

So anyways, I'm back only on Facebook at the moment. My Blog and Twitter are still off the radar. But they'll be open again too... very soon!

Ok gotta go now... time to harvest my lovely Morning Glories! :D

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Shreesh said...

AARRGH ..YOU MAKE ME GREEN WITH ENVY AND RED WITH JEALOUSY!! PLz why dosnt any one help me expand my storage in farmville

Kaddu said...

It's called "PR"! :D

ZB said...

Lizzy is a great animal to do comparisons with. Its a gorgeous thing.I like them when the crawl on the wall.

For some reasons, i still cant figure farmville.Am i so dumb? Proof of the pie is in its eating! sadly so!

Kaddu said...

Lol ZB, don't let my sister hear u say that! Lizards are her private nightmare! She refused to add me on orkut when I had the lizard pic on display as my profile pic!

And FarmVille has become too complicated now. That's why I stop playing it every now & then. The main appeal for me is it's creative aspect... all the images etc are so colorful & bright... really attractive. Plus the social interaction aspect of the game. Apart from these 2 points, the game is practically useless. :D

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