Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is a 2-dimensional version of my most favorite game at the time of writing this post - Mahjong! I usually play this game on, where it is similar to the version that comes pre-loaded with Windows Vista. However, I found this completely different PDA version here, that can be added as a widget in your sidebar, or even embedded within a post as JavaScript.

The aim is to clear the board, matching pairs of similar patterned tiles. You can click on adjacent tiles if they happen to carry the same pattern on their faces... or you can click on tiles which can be connected in not more than 3 straight lines. (From point A to B, B to C and finally C to D, where A and D are the 2 tiles being connected.)

Well... the game, unfortunately, is not in English. However, after playing it for several times now, I have come to the conclusion that if there are no more valid moves left, it displays some gibberish (in some foreign language) below the board. If you clear the board however, it apparently displays some "vital statistics" (which you'll probably never need anyway) in the middle of the board, again in that same gibberish! And the text on the right of the board takes you to their website I think.

I haven't yet found any "button" on the board, to "restart" a fresh game, so I simply "refresh" the entire page... and a new game loads up! :-p

Well... this one is a bit tough! It should keep you brain-scratching for quite a while! Have fun!

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Punvati said...

Got a new comp and its got this new game on it called Mahjong Titans. Never knew about this one earlier, but i am HOOKED! :D

Kaddu said...

Ohhh! Is it this simple board type layout or a pyramid kinda 3-D structure? i know Vista comes with a Mahjong, just like we have Spider Solitaire etc in XP... but I'm not sure if it's just "Mahjong" or "Mahjong Titans". You say it's a new comp, right... so it probably came with Vista...
Well whatever it is, both versions of this game rock! :-D
Btw, I was lurking on ur blog a little while ago... it's so CLEAN! LOL! No widgets at all! I guess I'll hv to add your blog's RSS feed manually to my Google Reader! Will come back again & leave my footprints! :-D

Punvati said...

3D type thing! Its got different shapes too, like spider and cat and what not.. its addictive!

And yeah vista... i hate vista. Im in love with my new laptop though :D

And no come on.. i think there are maybe 2 widgets... maybe one :P

Your RSS feed is too adorable.. How do i get tht on my blog?

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! U hv so few widgets that u don't even remember their count!

I burnt the RSS feed of my blog using FeedBurner. Apparently, it's now merged with Google, so I could login into it using my gmail id & pswd. And these cartoons... well there are loads of images on the net for RSS buttons!

I just uploaded these pics into my picasa album & then modified the code Feedburner gave me... replaced their img URL with the URL of these images.

If u want, I can email u some images that I saved on my PC. Just drop me a line at the id given on my blogger profile. And if u hv any confusion abt the feedburner thing, just let me know... I'll mail u the detailed procedure for it.

And yes, I hate vista too! :D What lappie did u get? HP? Dell? Sony? ....???

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...

Some chappie in China/Japan played this game for 36 straight hours and met his 'maker' at the end of it...

Kaddu said...

WOW! I can't even manage to stay on board for 36 minutes!

nishitak said...

ahh...I love mahjongg, I usually play it on the web. Didn't know vista also has this game

Kaddu said...

Yupps... that's probably the only feature of Vista that I like! :p :p

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